the apple authority knew: nobody ios upgrade?cook: open downgrade channels closed half an hour

even lei jun is leading in the world, is a domestic mobile phone manufacturers work together to target the apple also avoid only to find out some jobs's coffin cover quickly suppressed the news.shortly before the company deliberately limit old iphone running speed event trigger fruit are aggrieved, keypad, not apple and built a big news.


we know that apple's all previous dynasties ios devices including iphone seems to be unable to relegation after system upgrade problems, and the problem for the part to eat the melon masses like a bug exists.hardware configuration unable to shore up the new version of the ios operating system run smoothly, the new version of the ios doesn't like, sorry!rose up can't fall back.

this afternoon, some netizens found that opens apple iphone/ipod these two types of ios device system of the old models downgraded verification channel, provides the parcel iphone7/6 s/5 c/5 s/6/5 of the iphone smartphone, as well as the air/the mini equipment of a result a big bob downgrade ios users try to system, an operation.but the end result is, it wasn't long before apple closed channels, the user will only forced to upgrade to ios 11.2.

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apple's this approach led to a net friend crazy fun, weibo [email protected] posted a group of apple ceo cook expression package, watching it apple's move full routines.

after the developers had questioned the company every time by changing the ios to deliberately limit the running speed of the old iphone, and apple after each upgrade ios, the old iphone users of mobile phone performance will fall faster.

in the face of doubt, the company also responded:apple acknowledged that will limit the performance of the old iphone, explain the reason in this operating mode is to prevent and decrease the times of old aircraft accident shutdown in order to achieve the goal of extending the service life of the old iphone.


have to admit that, under normal circumstances the service life of the iphone is guaranteed, have data to prove this firm counterpoint data show:global smartphone users replacement time for 21 months on average, and the 2017 annual march 15 phone quality concern report, apple mobile phone users in domestic replacement cycle is an average of more than the average of 21 months to 26 months or so.

on the contrary, the company is doing what kind of a thing?deliberately limit old iphone running speed, how to limit?a wave of latest operating system ios 11 first, don't upgrade?induced by a wave of relegation operations, and then lead to upgrade to ios 11.2.

the end use the net friend's remark:jobs before the iphone.after steve jobs really haven't had that iphone?

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