sales slump iphonex buy one, get one in the united states;zhu xiaohu sell ofo: cash-out million dollars

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1, the station is the fastest in the first quarter of 2018 b u.s.-listed valuation over$3 billion

according to a report in caijing, video barrage site bi li bi li(b) has been listed into the quiet period before, and the fastest will be listed in the the first quarter of 2018, estimates at about$30-3.5 billion.b station has declined to comment.a data ended in october 2017, as the report shows that b stand on revenue of$736 million in 2016.april 1, 2017, on revenue of$729 is expected in 2017 b station break even for the whole year.

2, samsung has confirmed the galaxy, to be published in february in non integrated flagship phone

gao dongzhen head of samsung's mobile business, said that the company will be in the mobile world congress in february(mwc) published on the galaxy integrated smart phones.after exposure, according to the content of the samsung galaxy integrated will launch the android 8.0 operating system, provides two storage version of the fingerprint identification and camera to integrate design, in order to for the price, the galaxy integrated is expected to start selling price is 6000 yuan, and the integrated plus is expected to cost 6500 yuan to start.

3, huawei patent infringement case of first instance cases, samsung has been sentenced to stop the infringing

huawei infringe intellectual property rights to the shenzhen intermediate people's court case of first instance sentenced yesterday announced publicly, huawei won.court, the defendant samsung to immediately stop, in the form of manufacturing sales and promised to sales, the infringement behavior of huawei patents, rejected huawei's other claims.burden of lawsuit fees 1000 yuan by samsung.such as lack of consent, samsung may appeal in accordance with law.

4, huawei and at&t after failure add a mobile phone and american operators to negotiate

as at&t suddenly cancel the cooperation with huawei, on the eve of ces carriers sell mobile phone with the united states became a hot topic of the ces.the liu zuohu during ces in an interview, one plus phone plan operators negotiations with the united states this year, discussed the mobile phone for when can reach an agreement, liu zuohu did not give a specific timetable.

5, jingdong announced big consumer, electronic recreational and fashionable life three big business group

yesterday, liu from internal mail announced that jingdong mall will form a large consumer group, the electronic entertainment business group and fashionable life group, and were appointed wang xiaosong, 闫小兵, victor hu for three big enterprise group president and become jingdong group senior vice president.liu said in the mail, jingdong group, 2017 formally established the unbounded retail strategy, the positive transformation for the retail infrastructure providers, jingdong group also by the"integration"to"open"integration.

6, apple:the service will go up from domestic companies in mainland china is responsible for operating the

on february 28, the cloud of guizhou, the company will be responsible for up to operate in mainland china, and will have up to the user's legal and financial relations in mainland china.ripped services used up in the territory of china and the cloud of guizhou company brand to offer the user experience.sets the apple id of the country or region to chinese users will be in the range of the impact of this shift.

7, jia yueting clear cool all shares networks propaganda:"confiscated money"

after a few days ago to sell part of cool equity, yesterday jia yueting clean out all the cool's company.le miniaturization:a head told reporters,"jia yueting with solvent today, pay the equity of networks enjoyed as mall is a fact, but there's really only equity, no corresponding money.jia yueting and apparent holdings has nothing to do with the listed company, the debts of the networks and didn't receive related debt money".

8 announced, easy to adjust for the three models national access taxi

11 messages, network models of some car platform is easy to announce a platform to make operation adjustment, adjust the platform models of esselte+, comfortable, and business++three models, and a comprehensive online negotiation the same time, easy to have a nationwide have access to the taxi business.easy to have the three models to add the function of bargaining, passengers and the driver in order and order, all can according to the demand for alteration or sale order is reported, easy to introduce"bargaining mechanism"as the only network about car platform.

9, brother-in-law broke zhu xiaohu blocks have sell shares ofo:more than$30

media reports recently, zhu xiaohu, the brother-in-law of the effect on the public bbs said not long ago, zhu xiaohu has sold all ofo:shares held by the alibaba, calculated on ofo:valued at$10 billion, a total withdrawn more than$30., sina science and technology to prove from gsr ventures and ofo:and ali, ali said, would not comment on market rumors.and the other two have not reply.

10, luxury electric business temple library opened chain field into blocks jumped more than 40%

block chain under the boom, and a public company news from chain into blocks.china's first listed in the u.s.internet luxury temple library electricity company(nasdaq:seco), is about to enter block chain field, use the technology effectively solve the problem of luxury goods circulation process of trust, and through the block chain service to solve problems arising from the art trade.

11, chinese website was suspended marriott hotel scrutiny

to marriott hotel group recently in the member's activities in the email sent to china, tibet, china and hong kong, macao and taiwan regions as the"country", 11 january afternoon, the national tourism administration said in a news release, attaches great importance to this matter, and immediately instructed the shanghai tourism bureau to find out the truth as soon as possible, cooperate with related departments to deal with.enterprise faith do order on the same day, shanghai marriott international group told the official chinese website, the chinese version of the app to close for a week, a full-scale comprehensive improvement, clean up illegal information.the personage inside course of study says, has a very low-level mistakes, also exposed the marriott hotel in management oversight, and the tourism authority at all levels should strengthen the daily supervision, the violation behavior serious processing.

express speed know

foxconn revenue of$2017 in 158.9 billion year-on-year growth of 8%

internal letter said jingdong liu financial quarterly earnings for 2017

ibm appointed new cfo in pass years will cut ten thousand jobs

drops or reinvestment taxify taxi application in europe has won a small amount of shares last year

modern car investment, grab a taxi service company to attack southeast asia market

the first grade tonnage cargo uav real-name registration motion holds a nearly thirty percent stake

intel hole door system performance test preliminary results:influence of 10%

high-speed take-out:time reduced to 1 hour before driving on january 18 implement

today's headlines reported algorithm principle and the domestic internet company's first

iphone sales slump x beauty operator suddenly launched buy one, get one

about the latest news, according to foreign media may be in order to stimulate sales, the third largest u.s.national carrier t-mobile announced a major apple phone preferential measures.consumers can enjoy the treatment that to buy one, get one, the new phone covers apple iphone, iphone x 8 released last year, and the old iphone.7.t-mobile announced that the policy from friday(jan.12) to take effect.

beijing committee:to solve the problem of shared cycling excesses and deposit through legislation

to the moment of sharing a bike excesses and refund of the deposit, the relevant person in charge of the beijing committee, said will pass legislation to solve these problems.on the one hand, to control the total amount, and solve the problem of disorderly clear, on the other hand, enterprises subject to vehicle parking, the main addition, for the refund of the deposit, it is difficult luomenhasi recommend freezing"pre authorization"system, to prevent the deposit into the enterprise capital account.

jack ma bubble quick response is a bank card checkout pay treasure official weibo

recently, ma in a bar drinking in chongqing, consumption amount is about 1300 yuan, but it is worth noting that did not choose to pay treasure to pay, but to brush the bank card., pay treasure to official weibo account responded:"everyone is on the payment choice of freedom, is also should be respected, their employees are no exception."

boeing launch autopilot freight electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft prototype

on wednesday local time, boeing has launched a self-driving electric vertical take-off and landing cargo plane(cargo air vehicle, cav) prototype.boeing said, the product will be used to test the automated driving technology.boeing says, this cargo plane from design to create took less than three months, powered by the electric propulsion system of environmental protection, can carry up to 500 pounds of goods.

south korea's biggest encryption currency exchange by reviewing the exchange will face closure

according to foreign media reports, south korean ministry of justice will be discussed with other departments, will draft encryption shut down currency exchange act.according to people familiar with the matter, south korea's largest encryption currency exchange this week by the police on suspicion of tax evasion and tax authorities raided.currency soared by 1500% last year, prompting the huge demand for south korea's recessive financing, target population shift from college to housewife, sparking the concerns of the south korean spread-betting addiction.

just apologize for the problem of slow down of the apple, and a"bang"

on january 10th, valencia in spain in a retail store, apple mobile phone exploded.this is the second bombings in recent days of apple, just the day before january 9 in the morning, zurich, switzerland, the apple store in similar accident, one person was injured.for the exact cause of the explosion, the apple company has not yet been made.preliminary investigation shows, the apple store in zurich's explosion during repairs, then workers are take out mobile phone battery, so the industry speculated that two accidents and apple's recent policies related to replace batteries.

happy to regard building supplier containment:le see also money to celebrate new year's money, such as

according to reports coming from the microblogging users, le depending on building a repeat of the supply chain business containment of yesterday, hoping to see vevina and jia yuemin, solve the problem of arrears.besides the scene photos, in fact there is a businessman to jia yueting and vevina letter, wrote of"the year approaching, our workers are still empty-handed, we workers face the elderly parents to the family", said money help, such as chinese new year money.

blocks in the chain of shares in order to rise the9 surged more than thirty percent

high u.s.stocks opened higher on thursday, the three major indexes again to refresh the history records, the dow rose more than 200 points, the nasdaq rose 0.81%.investors optimistic about the economy's growth prospects, bet on the u.s.economy will accelerate growth.chinese stocks, in block chain plate stock rally, the ninth city rose 30.62%, the first line up 26.84%, china's information technology(it) up 16.28%, cheetah move up stocks in the united states, kodak plunged 21.50%, pared gains of the previous two sessions.

the company has a male version of sex robot

the realbotix founder developed artificial intelligence application, called"harmony"can synchronize with the head of the robot system, give the character of artificial intelligence, robot can be harmony in talking to customers, to learn and adapt to different requirements, so as to realize the real experience of sex robot.users can charge the battery in the home to the robot, according to their own needs to determine its running for the male version of"masculinity"problem of sex robot, says the company will develop a variety of different shapes and sizes.

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