the second trial!huawei maintaining all samsung mobile phone be banned!the meizu chain into blocks


1, 2 trial!huawei obtain compensate 80.5 million, samsung mobile phone be banned 23!

the dust fall to the ground.

although samsung seek legal remedies can apply for retrial, however, can't delay to huawei's$80.5 million tort compensation paid.

recently, huawei violated invention patent infringement case, fujian provincial high court to make final judgment through a second trial, 1) rejected samsung's appeal, 2) a total of 23 lock-up, samsung mobile phone was found guilty of cutoff, 2) including compensation huawei 80.5 million yuan court decision of first instance of the tort compensation and so on many contents have been maintained.

at this point, a patent infringement dispute that began in june 2016, finally ushered in the final judgment at the end of 2017.

in april 2017, when it comes to samsung suspected of infringing on the"a treatment method and can be applied to terminal component displays user equipment"invention patents, quanzhou, then the first-instance judgment, samsung, a total of 22 products constitutes a patent infringement, and samsung stop making judgments, promised to sales, sales of carrying mobile terminal for a total of 22 of the patent technology scheme involved in the model of the galaxy series mobile phone, at the same time, samsung, the compensation huawei terminal company economic loss of 80 million yuan and for stopping the infringement of reasonable costs 500000 yuan.

then, samsung defy the first-instance judgment, the fujian provincial high court appeal.

in december 2017, the fujian provincial high court by the court to make a second trial final judgment, 1) to maintain in quanzhou then sentenced to 234;in quanzhou, 2) the right to change then the first-instance judgment in the first paragraph of the"samsung immediately stop the infringement of the patents involved that stop in mobile terminal operating system with a graphical user interface of the patents involved in the implementation, stop making, promised to sales, sales of carrying the mobile terminal of the patent technology scheme involved in the total of 23".3) rejected samsung's appeal.

at this point, in huawei with samsung total of dozens of patent infringement lawsuit, it's only a one case, although the appeal, but still ended in defeat for samsung.

means two-tier appellate decision takes effect immediately, even if samsung defy, samsung also needs to advance execution court, namely pay huawei 80.5 million yuan tort compensation, at the same time, according to the production of court decisions, halt to the sale of a total of 23 samsung mobile phone.

with the case of the final decision to make, is likely to accelerate the pace of reconciliation.after all, in the case of samsung has exhausted its legal relief means.

2, oppo and vivo against broadcom acquisition qualcomm, millet reservations

reported on january 10, china's two major smartphone manufacturers opposed broadcom and qualcomm potential merger, reason is worried that the fair extrusion smartphone manufacturers' margins, sacrifice their interests, and make big global rivals.

oppo and vivo executives said that if broadcom worth over$130 billion dollars on qualcomm hostile takeover is successful, they will worry about the future product prices and other changes.qualcomm$22 billion more than 10% of the annual income from the two chinese companies.

millet company, the company also has reservations about going on the deal.

the three company executives also said that if broadcom successful acquisition of qualcomm, they are likely to change suppliers.

research institute international data corporation(idc), according to data from qualcomm chip for the three chinese smartphone manufacturers suppliers for apple is the total shipments shipments more than twice.

broadcom previously proposed a$70 per share qualcomm, the price is on november 2, qualcomm 28% higher than that of ordinary stock's closing price.according to broadcom's proposal, qualcomm shareholders will receive$60 per share in cash and$10 broadcom equivalent equity.broadcom in a press release said the deal price of$130 billion, including about$25 billion in net debt.however, the proposal by the board of directors of the qualcomm to refuse.

since broadcom proposed replacement qualcomm's board of directors.broadcom, 11 nominations, released on the internet, telecommunications, semiconductors and investment fields have rich experience, including nokia, the mobile internet business sami former president el hadj.

qualcomm in 2018 shareholders meeting will be held on march 6, the election of the board of directors will also be held during this period.

if the two companies to reach an agreement, the deal still needs through multiple national antitrust division and regulatory review., according to foreign media from china's largest producer of several smartphones opposition could undermine broadcom to the efforts of the chinese regulatory approval.

if the deal was reached, it will be the chip industry's biggest ever acquisition.according to the sales revenue, broadcom and qualcomm, a merger of the new company will become the world's third largest chip company, after intel and samsung electronics.

3, pass the meizu going into block chain millet be far behind?

this paragraph of time block chain seems very fire, and foreign currency, there is a thunderbolt players, renren rrcoin, netease plutus cat, even do security 360 has also been exposed to enter the block chain, pushing shared cloud plans, do block chain almost became the consensus of the domestic internet companies, even do phone meizu seems to go to with a foot inside.

according to reports coming from the blue whale of finance and economics network weibo, a mobile phone factory in south do a block chain wallet screenshots, 17 issued?look from the screenshot, it is clear the machine from the system ui is flyme meizu, so probably meizu phone.

a screenshot of the spirit's play coin icon has attracted the attention of many people, click go in, account, amount and trading, meizu is apparently going to chain also to enter the area.

see meizu with for mobile phones, have taken to block chain, millet would sit back, let's wait for millet chain message into blocks.

why block chain fascinated by so many manufacturers?block chain is what east east?small make up to check on the internet.

baidu encyclopedia explanation is:distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm the new application of computer technology, such as pattern.the so-called consensus mechanism is block chain to build trust between different nodes in the system, obtain the rights and interests of mathematical algorithm.

block chain has the following characteristics:decentralization, openness and autonomy.anonymity and tamper-resistant.

the meizu is going into block chain is largely because of its autonomy, namely the specifications based on consensus and agreement(such as a set of open and transparent algorithm) to make all the nodes in the whole system can be free to trust environment security exchange data, makes the trust in"people"to trust in the machine, any artificial intervention doesn't work.

block chain(meizu) in the user autonomy for manufacturers, set up perfect ecological, so the meizu going into blocks, chain, chain if blocks can fire up earlier, perhaps jia yueting seven ecology was likely to be successful.

4 shipment, intel 10 nm technology in 2018,"toothpaste factory"no longer silent

samsung/tsmc has 10 nm process mass production, amd will fully adopt globalfoundries 7 nm, but as the semiconductor industry giants, intel hasn't been out 10 nm process, in the early years of tick-tock architecture/process alternate upgrade path also gradually slowed down.

ces exhibition 2018, intel client computing group, senior vice president, gregory bryant finally broke the silence about their 10 nm process, gives some specific information.

he said, intel will be shipped to the customer in 2018 10 nm processor technology, this and previous goal is consistent, can expand capacity, 2019 into mass production.

but about 10 nm process of specific products, bryant did not say.

actually computex trade show in early june 2017, intel will show a is said to be equipped with 10 nm processor notebook, but did not give any details.

look from the current news, intel's first 10 nm process processor, code-named cannon lake, follow-up and ice lake, then there is a third generation of 10 nm process(code may be tiger lake), but is what position, when released, still need to wait.

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