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three months ago, the three operators announced abolish all domestic long-distance roaming fees at the same time, consumers once again saw the three carriers"speed jiangfei"reform efforts fall to the fact, the past year, parcel three carriers in china mobile,"speed jiangfei"reform has substantial results.for most internet users, internet directional flow are the most familiar in discount package.

ant treasure card tencent king card-pictures from zhihu abandon-ed

ant treasure and the king of tencent is china unicom, respectively, to join hands in the ant gold suit(alipay), tencent launched two internet companies directional flow discount package.such internet directional flow discount package launch new doors opened the data flow rate standard, this kind of highly cost-effective package for the mobile internet era is very dependent on the data flow of internet users is true, so, the flow of benefits packages plus,, social network after play full chat, mobile mobile game...all no problem.

some directional flow discount package fee,

tariffs ranging, rights and interests of different types of internet directional flow discount package can meet the needs of different consumers, the market the moment, however, there is another small bug-previously used for more than a decade old number, the package?abandon?binding of account, account can't receive a verification code?double card double stay smartphone is universal, but can't have a month for a few pieces of white white one just to receive the verification code mobile phone number.

in the ministry didn't mention the"carriers may not restrict the user charges to choose"before(and, of course, now may require the old number, the package directly change the internet directional flow discount package), most consumers take a so-called"date".

china mobile

in china mobile, for example, china mobile, the"bao"package 8 yuan, the first for 10 m domestic according to flow, caller id, local answer 8 yuan of set meal for free;another kind is 8 yuan of 4 g fly package, including 30 minutes duration, called free at home.

(i don't like china mobile internet directional flow discount package, have to deal with"no.8 yuan bao"business, and then look down)

the author has analyzed the phenomenon such as tencent king card, ants treasure card level directional flow discount package appear after the internet, consumers began to escape from china mobile and choose"no.8 yuan bao"in the specific reason for the combo business, received a lot of netizens question:china mobile no.8 yuan bao packages to exactly how to deal with?

in addition to being able to go to number belonging to business hall to deal with, where previously there is no better way.recently, however, the author found when shopping taobao the answer to this problem.

china mobile day cat shop

in china mobile, the day the cat flagship store, the author found out the package to deal with entry, it is a package deal with entry, the author found"no.8 yuan bao"business approach.

day cat flagship store opened china mobile plans to deal with entrance, after we see the following packages available options:

china mobile day cat shop screenshot

package options out in the first place is 0 m flow, 30 minutes duration, called free package no.8 yuan bao-4 g fly at 8 yuan meal.see here, the concrete operation process is lengthy, make a note-partial provinces and cities in china mobile, the day the cat shop online business data, it seems, are still didn't get through, not to choose the number belongs to option the user may still temporarily unable to use this method to handle the"bao"business.

just you have a mobile number""requirements, just i wrote this article strategy, just don't happen to you see again, hope useful to you.

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