after internet bosses to raise pigs and chickens from loss of million to kuangzhuan million!

some people say that he is stingy, someone says he is bold, some people say that his dog, some people say that he is magnanimous, it doesn't matter.he became china's richest man, 32, 12 years later, the market value of up to 290 billion, as china's first five big capitalization internet companies.

he is ding, the founder of netease.

ding neither"internet thinking"nor"discourse", and"theory of fast break not only far more and far, he is always late, but in the end, always laugh"if who is the most conservative on the internet in china, most patient, the most likely to live on in 1000, it must be a ding."

all heroes from young

said ding young success probably did not how many people are against.he is 12 years old assembly six tube radio, 23, skillfully using unxi system, is a former 100 users, china telecom is china's top 1000 has email and internet users of personal home page.

when in may 1997, ding, 26, was founded in a small room 8 square meters for netease, ma just sell china pages, li is still in the united states, ma just a pets in shenzhen, the site all day on bubble bbs bbs to kill time.

by early 1998, netease has 100000 visitors every day, the light advertising revenue to reach more than 1999, advertising revenue has topped 5 million.two years later on june 30, 2000, netease success in nasdaq.ding and sohu zhang zhi-dong wang, sina, is regarded as"the three musketeers."

well no way

ding leiben think by listed companies, buy a big house, in a car.however, before he happy days, nightmare began.

the first is falling share prices.maybe days have, perhaps the fate-rule so, anyway, the day of netease shares fell to$15.12, immediately below the issue price of$15.50.then came the unceasing yin fell.the second is negative reports, said netease is a problem with the results, management of control statements, and said that the original plan to$85 million acquisition of hong kong limited of netease broadband because earnings problems, on the eve of the signature abruptly.the last is not that time, the management team of netease mainly three people, respectively is from hong kong, the ceo of king lai, coo of taiwan worker chen suzhen and cfo he haiwen from mainland china.3 people almost at the same time to resign in 2001.

the storm september that year, the nasdaq announced netease stop trading of stocks, the reason is that report existence question.the suspended, netease share price is 64 cents.only a year and a half time, netease market shrinks to less than 120 million from 3 billion.there is no way, he can only crustily skin of head clear up the mess.spring suddenly come in 2003"sars", the world about beijing at a draught.however, the severe acute respiratory syndrome(sars) is somehow save the whole of the chinese internet market.ding is with the deepest water is the sms business jedi, since he spends$300000 purchase of guangzhou days of summer, and with the company's research and development team as the core, to develop"a chinese odyssey","fantasy westward journey"and other series of work, out of the trough.

with games and short message business, netease, 2003 shares on the nasdaq, ding like magic, and mounted in 2003 with a net worth of 8 billion hundred rich one slot in mainland list published on the same day, and there is no return to taste ding, he go to sidewalk snack booth to drink was not until the second day morning to go in a car, because the car before too oil.slowly but surely do quality

but since then, ding began to do hermit and his humble abode in hangzhou, a distance bat rise, almost see tmd ou.river lake soon forgotten ding, he the most high-profile pigs, was laughed at for seven or eight years.but, as critics of making a fortune"sound"frowsty, ding leike not idle.from netease cloud music, netease strictly selected, netease, youdao cloud public class notes, netease snail reading, netease not ended a pig, he one step a footprint.

do music playback, ding hands-on.from the design, quality, songs search, until the main song single-function, he, himself a electricity, ding try in person.he tried the koala sea buy nail polish, netease strictly selected a lot of things, is himself, personally used.pig, too."don't feel that a line of nb, we water the vegetables and farmers pick dung, do you think there's a big difference?i don't think it's difference."ding pig farms, successively visited europe and the united states more than a dozen countries and then cleared of zhejiang 48, gian is chosen as the final pig farms, and asked to design the antarctic research station design"ding gu pig house", back and forth for eight years.

now he started keeping up a chicken.

will make money can enjoy life more

xiao-bo wu had said to holding in the"i","more than two-thirds of china's rich, i have ever seen is not happy, in addition to ding."

indeed, as a former top of china's richest man for 2 years, you can't see ding have no traces of contaminated with wealth.from his bodyguards, the driver, secretary, to attend a dinner party also sit the sanlitun, houhai bouncy car three wheels, or woman.she is wearing shorts and slippers, to eat snack, to go to the united states in 2000 is the most expensive outfits roadshow for two pairs of shoes and a rolex watch.

missed the electricity, missed the social, missed the o2o, missed the live broadcast of netease was started 15 years of slow cow, share price rise all the way from 0.64 cents to$339, total market value of 390 billion, worth ding also jumped to 114 the same time, ding's meal also became standard of wuzhen internet conference.every time during the meeting, he will bring netease ingredients such as pork, in wuzhen small pavilion fete ma, li, lei jun, zhang chao, yang yuanqing circles such as bosses, 2017 number is expanded to 17 people.

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