a large number of users reflect borrow bai imprisoned?pay treasure to emergency response


your borrow bai still there?

a night woke up, a lot of people found that borrow bai function should be shut down.

a:borrow bai imprisoned, alibaba clarify

recently, the supervision of the capital market is a wave after wave, a wave with a wave.

this is not, just yesterday, alibaba also shot.ant gold take announced, have initiative to shut down some of the users of ants by bai function.

as a user group is as high as 460 million, bai users up to 12 million platform, news, naturally aroused a heated debate.soon, the alibaba and went out of the platform.

the long form, say what all have.here, pay treasure to sit still, of course, immediately issued a clarification of emergency:

"as a consumer credit product, the usage of ants by bai will be based on user and credit behavior, to dynamically adjust the user qualifications and limit.as a result, some users were repel and qualification or lower limit;or some users access or improve lines, all is normal."

2:borrow bai highly leveraged amazing

it seems everything is so light, but really just ordinary a qualification and adjustment of quota?

of course not!borrow bai today, in fact all have erratically.

a few days ago, alibaba is located after mom please go to a cup of tea, the ant gold service is suspended the billions of dollars of abs products are released.more people familiar with the fact, central mother has targeted the ant gold suit high leverage.

the ant gold suit really high leverage problems?

yes, ant gold suit not only exist high leverage, the degree of leverage absolutely eye-popping.

although the central bank has a regulation earlier, small loan company shall not exceed 50% of the net capital financing balance.that is to say, compared to the net capital, and the highest lever of small loan company shall not be more than 1.5 times.

the ants and alibaba's mall small loan co., ltd., as registered in the highest leverage of chongqing, the highest leverage cannot be more than 2.3 times.

but in the end, the ant mall small loan companies under the condition of the registered capital of only 1.809 billion, abruptly to the financing scale to 135.71 billion, to leverage as much as 75 times.

but also because of the rapid growth of the borrowing, data show that in the third quarter of last year, only by bai net income up to 4.5 billion, more than eight listed commercial banks' earnings.

is the highest 2.3 times stipulated clearly in chongqing, the ant gold how to bypass the suit do it 75 times?

if only from the point of view on the financial statements, the ant mall microfinance debt in the table is 4.348 billion, and regulatory requirements, indeed can't see anything strange.

the problem is outside the regulation of off-balance-sheet assets, the ant gold of the asset securitization through constant(like apartment, as long as there is a steady stream of rental income, can be packaged into securities sold), packaged illiquid borrow bai credit assets into liquid securities and sold to investors in the capital markets.

the process goes like this:the initial money lent by bai user––and then packaged the borrow bai credit assets sold to investors, financing––get financial funds to borrow bai user––and so on.

the ant gold obey you get how much income?

such as borrow bai last november, abs layering bonds to investors the annualised rate of around 5.6%–5.7%.

as you borrow, and in accordance with the now borrow bai also, the rate of 3, is also a loan 1 year, whether interest rates before the principal and interest waiting for the forehead.

the middle from pools of capital operation of various fees, can be calculated from the data, after many times leverage, 1 dollar per principal,(45/18) of 2.5 yuan net profit can be obtained.

3:central mom, the securities and futures commission to throw"cash loans"new rules

all had better, ants gold suit how being targeted?

it all from december 1, the central bank released on the specification rectification notice"cash"loan business, because before that, the ant gold suit also lived a set of white wolf happy days empty-handed.

late last month, the central mother and securities regulatory commission jointly issue a notice to the most severe cash loans for no particular scenario, no designated loans made new rules.

bai and white like a flower can only be used for consumption, belongs to the designated loans, and like to borrow because bai and particles to borrow money to can't control, is no earmarks of loans.

for such loans, the central mom rules:1, and banned small loan companies through a variety of domestic sales, trading platform and disguised a transfer of credit assets of the company.(that is to say, bai can no longer will pack your own user credit assets transfer.)

2, small loan companies must leverage in the table, off-balance sheet consolidation computation.publish xifei must convert adult form.(that is to say, the ant gold off-balance-sheet savage growth pattern of formal suit ever terminated.)

3, to suspend new pishe network around the small loan companies, in suspension without particular scenario, designated network of microfinance, local governments may not loosen lending leverage.

it is the cash loans issued new rules, let originally spring scenery infinite ant gold suddenly exposed in front of the regulation.

4:capital platform in the most severe age

actually, in our industry, it seems, to borrow bai though the underlying assets to 1.8 billion increased to 12 billion(now), but move, 135.7 billion loans, the risk seems to be very high.

but according to the 4.5 billion net profit/135.7 billion bai loan, can calculate, currently borrow bai and 3.3% net profit space, that is to say, even if the bad debt rate increased to 3.3%, the rules of the game can normal operation.

what is that reason, central mother must rectify cash loans?

first of all, the present good and evil people mixed up cash loan market, have reached the point where they had to clean up.

because of the diversity of borrowing and repayment way, each lending platform to hide on the real interest rate, a lot of people don't know his borrowed high-interest loans.

second, the current environment, one hundred lines of interconnection of credit reporting system is not established, each independent platform, unknown risk is too high.

look, as if every small loan companies the loan amount is small, usually several thousand to tens of thousands of, all the risk of each other.

but because each company is unable to information sharing between each other, this leads to appear on the market very strange flower, compatriots said zhihu, oneself at the same time looking for more than a dozen small loans to companies.

on a platform, the user does not have problems, but with multiple platforms, the user didn't have the qualification for loan early.

again, because without collateral, because money to unregulated, the platform has become a hotbed of usury, also became the property market such as the source of the funds.again because of the highly leveraged, once an accident, the size is too big.

all in all, autumn the borrow bai started from the ant gold clothing, it is obvious that the financing platform for the toughest times.

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