pay treasure on part-time do?do you know?


alipay with part-time?some students pay treasure is in use every day, may also don't know the original pay treasure to this function.yes, yes!alipay there are ants minivan, inside can put some special alipay part-time jobs, such as charge code promotion, a red envelope code promotion, etc., this is also give some flexible work or not work the students a good choice, i saw some predecessors have long been doing part-time job, such as alipay promotion code week 2000-3000 yuan, this is very good, of course, they also can't imagine our effort.

some of my classmates in the latest week income

today i want to share with you this time to pay treasure to part-time experience.

12.6, i smoothly passed the ants minivan training certification, this certification is actually very simple, is to pay treasure to internal employees through the form of video, are going to do the whole process of part-time and matters needing attention are clear, following the video, we can go to the test, everyone have the chance to test 5 times, more than 5 times unqualified, will not be eligible to perform this task.luckily, i passed it all at once.

then, i get the guerlain beauty shop five mountain state from 12.8 to 12.8, a part-time job, wages are$300 a day, the task is to download 200 word app store promotion.

12.7, according to the process, pay treasure to aspects should have interface person oh, but in the evening at seven o 'clock, still no one contact with me, for alipay part-time small white, this is an uneasy thing, so, i started to pay treasure customer service calls, but customer service said, is not their responsible, let me call word-of-mouth customer service, customer service and word-of-mouth, said they never heard of this task, the problem, also don't know who that said she would send me an email, let me reply e-mail, their task screenshot.but, but, i haven't receive the email, again contact customer service, customer service said, going into the junk mail, find no, customer service and email again, still have not received the mail.

in the severe struggle

so, no.12.8, finally i still have not been contacted, nor on the contact interface, according to the pay treasure the time and place, to provide above at 8 a.m.and 50 minutes to the shop, the store is just open the door, no guests, the clerk is not welcome, then it is a disgrace.

no.12.8 in the morning, to help the clerk and the manager to pick up the new goods, 12 noon to have a meal, come back after the meal, afternoon off the manager said, not received me this part-time task, also did not receive pay treasure and company notice, also does not have the thought of the material, so, let me communicate with alipay before in the past.

well, i just get kicked out!but, dear, i go to communicate with them?customer service is invalid, alipay, the message is invalid, so i went home,, will the shop all the remaining 3 days task is cancelled.only 12.12 the day's work.

the whole process, i pay treasure to part-time begin to have a more profound understanding.i always thought that pay treasure is powerful, part-time job is a piece of can see, pay treasure itself is very good at using resources, integration of resources, including of choose and employ persons, also want to use the least cost.

to maximize the use of your clients, customers into their own staff, on the one hand can better increase the adhesiveness of this part of the customer, on the other hand, don't need to provide other benefits, these employees can let the customers or employees more appropriate, let them to do a good job of propaganda and logistical pay treasure, let the customer be the voice of the same time, also can increase the income of customer, this is mutually beneficial and win-win pattern.i took!

but in the context of the task, these part-time still has many disadvantages.first of all, may be the information error or too slow, can lead to the most important interface is no good for stores and part-time staff to do a good job of the bridge.second, word of mouth is app part-time pay treasure from official task, pay treasure customer service and reputation for customer service are not clear the mission, customer service didn't even know the mission.finally, pay treasure to leave contact telephone above, actually the number is empty, eventually lead to failure.

later, later, no.12.11, i can not find my interface, just know originally before someone took the task, however, has been canceled, then i took the task, system, there is no my message, resulting in this situation.

well, i took, can only say that the system update speed is too slow.

this task, in various ways, in fact can be done well, i don't think either pay treasure itself, or my own, all need to reflect on yourself what aspects do well!

cooperation is a kind of skill to

tomorrow will release 12.12 part-time task, if interested in paying treasure to part-time, welcome to continue to pay attention to me!!!!!!!thank you very much!

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