no one knows the true identity of the man who controls about 10,000 bitcoins

in 2008, a group calling itself in the hearing(satoshi nakamoto) of the mysterious figure appeared, he published in a hidden cryptography panel view, first proposed the currency(bitcoins) 2009, the world's first bitcoin algorithm was launched.

decentralized, not issuers, who can manufacture, total fixed the currency in 21 million, after eight years in the dispute all the way through.supporters believe it's a disruptive invention, and opponents say it's worthless, and now it's worth$10,000.

in the first, however, who all don't know what is the value of the is said to be the first to pay for pizza in the real world--on may 22, 2010, when bitcoin was so cheap and cheap that one american programmer bought two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins.

according to media reports, as the main creator of the currency, in the hearing also has about 1 million coins.but the mysterious man never revealed his true identity, and only a small amount of bitcoin was spent on the purpose of the experiment, and the other coins remained untouched.

interest for in our hearing more and more high, but he played the slowly december 2010, nakamoto posted the last post on bbs to talk about updates to the latest version.he then lowered the frequency of the reply until it was completely stopped.

in the power to stop and leave the world a lot of mystery.while people are searching for him, there are multiple versions of 2013, there was a revelation that the new moon, which had a remarkable contribution in the field of mathematics, was nakamoto, but offered no direct evidence.

in 2014, an american media published an article that said to look for the hearing is a japanese americans.however, the man who used to be known as"zhong bencong"soon made a statement saying that media reports were seriously untrue and that he had nothing to do with bitcoin.

the passive, compared with the former two australian technology entrepreneur craig wright(craig wright) had told the media, said himself is the creator of the currency.but a few days later, he said he was not able to cope with the challenge, so he gave up proving he was nakamoto.

but recently, a ferry former interns, according to the"iron man"in silicon valley musk is the father of the currency of the response to the news, mr musk denied the speculation, saying friends had given him bitcoin a few years ago but had lost them.

maybe, in the hearing mystery will continue, but it is no longer important-this astute choose out of project, in order to create real decentralized system, the name is just a symbol.the more important thing is that people can tell what is investment and what is speculation.


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