the man who has just returned from prison has overshadowed the internet conference

after two years of high wall insulation, it was only time to give an answer to the myth that the"prodigal son"could be created by the return of the 3 million li yi-man who made 1 billion yuan.

3 december, internet conference held in wuzhen, corporate bosses from around the world together, talking about the ai, the internet, a new retail, and ding pork.

, on the same day, li yi-man, founder of the company, was released from prison.

discusses li yi man, he always escapes the word"genius".

he is 15 years old was admitted to the huazhong university of science and technology(huazhong university of science and technology) class, 23 years old master degree after graduation to enter huawei, two years was promoted to chief engineer, huawei, 27, became vice president of huawei.

.he was the heir apparent to be appointed by ren zhengfei, and was considered by li to be baidu's best cto;the establishment of the harbour network is regarded by huawei as the biggest competitor;the second pioneering maverick electric car, which raised 72 million yuan in 15 days, broke the record of jingdong crowdfunding...

so, even though the internet's assembly, didn't also blocking li yinan turneth the edge of"was the headline", all the gossip wuzhen the change of the meal, while discussing the 47 middle-aged men will bring internet jianghu how stir:

his return will bring enterprises much increment?

can he renew the legend and lead the mavericks to the next journey?

:will his ambitions still be in the electric car field?

or, will he change the course again like sun hongbin?


this is the time when i mentioned li yi man.people like to put him together with wang xin, the founder of fast seeding, because the latter is about to be free three months later.more importantly, both have been the people who have stirred up the tech landscape, and their return has received a lot of attention.

, but also as a person in hunan, li yi man and wang xin have opposite personalities.

for wang xin, everyone is almost uniformly the same time, former employees or former staff members have been revealing wang xin's benefits to employees, or how approachable he xin's popularity, among the internet industry's founders, a few of the top.

li 1 man is the exact opposite.

once an employee working in huawei research institute, said li yinan young success, people are puffed up,"giving face""make allowance"and other words in his dictionary doesn't exist, he is also rude to other vice president, and mr ren is very much alike.

although very low eq, iq but crush them all.

:one time, my colleague tang dongfeng was going to make a technical report to the client and invited him to attend.because li yi man is too busy, beforehand they also cannot communicate report technology content.on the stairs to the meeting room, li said, you can tell me the main the distance from 1 to 2 floor, li yinan unexpectedly can reel on the venue the essence in this paper, the very thorough, even his own incredible, tang dong li yinan in order to understand the new technology and master so quickly.

in huawei, li yi male's super technical talent, the grasp and insight of future technology trends are fully released.

from 1993 to 1993, li yinan led research and development team, in with the international giant killing performance very grab an eye, 7 years huawei market revenue from$410 million increased 50 times, reached more than 200 one hundred million yuan.

, the control and precision of the technology, let the outside world judge it as ren zhengfei's"successor".

"atmosphere, huawei clearly at the time of the debate over strong but no complex office politics, and that huawei does under the leadership of ren is the use of which is to attract li yinan in huawei and can be chosen."in an interview with the media, huawei's former human resources commissioner said he was"unloved"by the way he was not welcomed by his colleagues.

, however, this kind of perverted style is also doomed to be pushed out by his colleagues at huawei.according to former employees of huawei, li and most executives have different degrees of bad behavior.

2000, while huawei encouraged internal employees to start their own business, li yi-man took over more than 10 million yuan of huawei's equity settlement and dividends into his equipment, and beijing began his first venture in beijing.we have established the harbour network company as the senior distributor of huawei enterprise network products.

, but this relationship doesn't last may 2001, the harbour launched its first self-branded product, while giving up the only profit source at the time, no longer acting as huawei's products, and officially broke with huawei.since then, through independent research and development and acquisition, the bay has a full range of product lines in just three years, competing with huawei.

, the harbour began to plan for a nasdaq listing at the end of 2003.but at this point, li yi-man made a big mistake--he bought the company's technology, founded by huang yaoxu, another veteran huawei man, to declare war on huawei.the light transmission equipment business of juntian technology was the best and most profitable product line of huawei at that this case, ren zhengfei launched the hong kong office against the harbour office in 2004.the relationship between li yi man and ren zhengfei entered into the white heat phase.the story after

has been told over and over again.arm twist but thigh, harbor a buyout by huawei 3 years later, li yinan is back, huawei is described in the ren"miserable-such as"in the struggle, the relationship between the two people are back to less than once happy atmosphere.

mavs electric:lifesaving straw

.in 2008, li yi man went on the train with baidu and ran away from huawei again.meanwhile, he started his own frequent job-hopping:joining 12580 and jinshajiang venture capital.but since then he has not been able to repeat huawei's glitzy period, falling into a flash of talent and huawei's halo, until the mavericks' electric project appears.

:on the night of june 1, 2015, li yi man was in the 798 tin can, released the maverick electric car n1, he said that the calf was his last business venture.

:"the last time you start a business,"li said,"there is no reason to be disappointed in the best of times, no matter how much you are disappointed with."

he didn't have time to come to his best days, he was handcuffed when he got off the plane two days later.

a few months later, the prosecution data showed that he gained more than 7 million yuan from the investment in jinsha river.

's sudden prison break broke his the same time that li yi-man was taken away, the company also had a round of financing.after hearing this news, an investor suddenly wants to jump the ticket, already dozen money wants to go back again, still have not time to beat money, also do not want to fight.

however, the development of the calf does not seem to have affected by too much for this series of events.after li yi man was arrested, the mavs produced m series products, continuously refreshed the jingdong crowdfunding record, and the latest n1s price doubled march 2016, it also raised a$30 million a++round.

data show that in the statistics of april this year, the sales growth rate of the mavs was up to 85%, and more importantly, it was achieved in the background of overall industry sales decline of 40%.

/p>/p>/p bbb/pthe mavs have achieved steady growth, but after losing their soul, li yi-man, his business has lost a lot of opportunities despite its normal operation.

for two and a half years, a lot of things have happened in the technology industry.alphago over human, artificial intelligence heyday, tmd(headlines, beauty group, drops) three giant formation, short live video content industry in full swing, tencent, ali two giants to enter the world top 10, travel market has increased the worship and ofo:the two new giants...

is compared to wang xin, the mavs are considered to be the advantage of li yi-man's primary heart.judging from the current share structure of the company, li yi man is still the biggest shareholder in the company, with a share of more than 68 percent.the chief executive officer of the company has also been vacant.

can see that the most likely thing for li yi man to return is to take the helm of bovine power technology, seize the market trend of big changes in the travel industry, and change the electric car industry.

, of course, li yi-man is not satisfied with the sales of the tens of thousands of electric vehicles.

> except for the mavs electric, there is also a saying in the industry that li yi man returns not only to be a maverick, but also to enter the market for more electric cars and the internet travel market.

from li yinan past experience and the ability to itself, it is bound to be favored by investors, the accumulation of the team, connections, resources may be won't because the two and a half years and less time.

after pain?

once beat a good hand to powder, from this point, li yinan and the experience of ieee distribution planning working group report.radial distribution are very similar, both are less successful but stumbled, all talented but keen to sth over and over again.

but of the days in prison taught the ieee distribution planning working group report.radial distribution to a lot of sense, he recalled the experience after so many years, said 911 made bush, world war ii, winston churchill and franklin roosevelt, but for myself, the event is critical incident.

is about to return to the river, sun hongbin met liu chuanzhi, two people ate together sichuan food, sun hongbin apologized to liu for his youth, and changed back to reconciliation.since then, with the help of the latter, sun hongbin founded shunchi company in tianjin to enter the real estate industry.later, sun hongbin founded rongchuang, becoming the"contact man"of letv and wanda wen travel and hotel projects...

ieee distribution planning working group report.radial distribution, chushijian, gao prison story is often people relish, doesn't mean li yinan and all returning entrepreneurs can like them, convert circuit, creating the possibility of more.many entrepreneurs are not making a comeback.for example, li jingwei, founder of jianlibao, became famous for his business of"china's magic water".li, 63, was arrested on suspicion of corruption in 2002.he died in 2013,"there was a mistake but not guilty","a quiet life is not a worry, the midnight knocks on the heart"to become a stroke after the stroke of li jingwei to meet the lawyer wang bo must say two sentences.

is also the same as the founder of taizi milk li pui and the founder of the grenadier gu daijun.the latter, after his release from prison, held a press conference with a white paper hat of more than one meter high.but five years after they were released from prison, the plot has not reversed.

however, li yinan, once said:"who hasn't at a young age has experienced the pain of bone, as long as enough capricious, even at my age, i believe that there are limitless possibilities."

is also full of expectations, and li yi man is back in the spotlight, the man who was once known as a"genius teenager"needs to prove himself more than ever.

,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>, bbb.

is to try to do what you want to do, regardless of the outcome.

this is a world of young people, it's an age of infinite possibilities.




no matter how much you are disappointed with, there is no reason to be disappointed in the best of times.