turnaround!is the shared bike a victim of the return of the three countries to kill ofo?

shared cycle entry into the final phase of elimination is an indisputable fact that the situation was reversed when everyone thought that the last one was moby and ofo.

shared bicycle industry to return to the"three kingdoms"

4 december morning, hello bike announced to finish 3.$500 million(2.3 billion yuan) d1 rounds of financing, the investor of the ant gold suit, horse car, into capital, the iso9000 and so on many famous investment institutions and industrial capital, the light source of capital also provides exclusive for hello bike d round fa service.

light from this list of investors we can see that the background of this harrow bike is not simple.yes, the"daddy"of harrow's bicycle is the famous ant financial.and its"parent"is the"sharing the first share"of the yong 'an bank.

in april this year, wing on line by the securities and futures commission to review and release approval, until august, yong success of landing a-share market, the personage inside course of study to become"shared bike first shares".

, however, yongan's revenue from sharing bicycle business is very low.according to the prospectus disclosed by yongan, the company's share of revenues in 2016 accounted for just 0.05% of its total revenue, while the company's net profit for 2016 was-36.1 million yuan.

may be why, in september, yongan will introduce the investment of low-carbon technology to the company, which is responsible for the sharing of bicycle business.ant gold take a wholly owned subsidiary of shanghai yunxin millet, deep venture, shanghai age eight new entrants total investment 810 million yuan investment in existing line of low carbon, wing on line stake from 100% to 38.17%, shanghai yunxin invested 400 million yuan, 30.53% stake.yongan said in a statement that it would lose control of its low carbon footprint.

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p/in october, yongan low-carbon and harrow bike completed 100% of the shares to merge, becoming a company.

ant gold clothing holding yongan low carbon, it can be said that the real big gold master behind harrow bike.the ant gold has been given the support of the"dry son".


/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p/p>/p>/p>/p/ofo and moby, two big head brands, have used up the"gold"power, and have only been able to kill their rivals in the e-round.

:from the first declared bankrupt wukong bike to 3vbike, the small players were eliminated first.and once one shared third player's cool bike ride a bike but also because of capital chain rupture and fall into the predicament of the hard to refund the deposit, a large number of users in the containment and cool ride headquarters is located in beijing tongzhou wanda downstairs, for refund of deposit.

just, reputation, market share is the third little blue bike because of funding problems, also come down in the end.

never expected, on all the competitors and hardships ofo:and moab to clean, the ant gold and its hello bike is standing out, shouting,"don't go, again war three hundred round!"

this is the real version of"the mantis catching cicadas".

/p>/p>/p>/p/p/on the last day of the last month, the blue whale tmt sites have a scoop:according to insiders revealed that because of market expansion cost high, the worship and ofo:yellow car two bicycle companies money to tight, have begun to divert the user fill the gap, the deposit appropriation of a total of 6 billion yuan, bicycle factory and vendor payment such as pr companies also have been suspended.

it can be for ofo:and the both sides are in fact.subsequently, the news of the embezzlement of the two deposits was abuzz, and both sides issued an emergency response.at present, neither of them has had a big refund.

we have to think back to who was it?

if it's ofo and mora's in the"stabbing knife", it's not going to be associated with it.but if both of them have fallen out because of a user run on the deposit, who will the eventual beneficiary be?

is now"full of cars"in major cities, and the government has also introduced relevant restrictions.it will be very difficult for the new bicycle brand to get into the market again.hello bike since its establishment has been deep in three or four line city, choose the strategy of"the rural areas to encircle the cities", but this is just at the beginning strategic needs, doesn't mean hello bike don't want to go to a second-tier cities.

in late september this year, hello bike, founder and ceo yang lei to the media in an interview with had confessed,"small city is not good","one shanghai is worth sanwushige small city".

is subject to a ban on the sharing of bicycles in a second-tier city, which has been unable to get out of the third or fourth tier.but if only one can die between ofo and mobai, it would be very advantageous to go to a second-tier city in harrow.

ofo is the last casualty?

now, the financing pressure of both mobib and ofo is present, especially ofo.because jinsha river is a new generation of zhu hu has repeatedly expressed the desire to merge in different situations.the investment community has"c-wheel death, d round", and c round financing will not be a startup company.after d round, investors will be eager to combine the demand in order to cash in.although investors are eager to merge, the managers of both sides are determined not to merge.

may be asked, isn't ali also an investor of ofo?if it's true, ant financial did invest in ofo, but didn't disclose the amount, and guess it should be a small, symbolic drop.the reason?ma huateng's comments in his friends group today may be one of the reasons.

this morning, ma huateng's comments on sharing bikes in his circle of friends,"being used as a promotional tool for payment, have pity for the remaining minority shareholders to be locked up".

this specifically refers to the who, you don't have to say more.

ali is a heavy support for his harrow bike, and the investment of ofo is a rush to escape.the pattern is so clear, does ofo really expect to have f round financing?

business competition is so fast that you can't be sure who will win in the end.you think you won the last minute, but the situation will change completely in the next second.the same is true of business, and so are individuals.

source| daily economic information


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