stop the driver!the bus has just hit the road!

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:in july, li yanhong, the boss of baidu, took five rings in a driverless car.however, after the unattended supermarket and unattended hotel, the unattended public transport, unexpectedly will come so soon!welcome to wechat:jinrong301, to communicate.

:the era of driverless buses may be coming!


(2 days).

yesterday morning, four"alpha"intelligent driving bus system"in futian free trade zone, shenzhen bus group bus start commissioning.

-this is the first time the world has made a test run of intelligent driving on the open road!

according to the experience of passengers, the bus turn smoothly, unmanned encounter obstacles will automatically round, pedestrians crossing the road when the emergency brake give way, own to pull over.if you don't see the empty steering wheel, you might think that you're sitting on an experienced"old driver".the driverless car is a smart car that senses the road environment through the on-board sensing system, automatically plans the route and controls the vehicle to reach the intended target.

use on-board sensors to perceive the vehicle surroundings, and according to the perception of the road, vehicle location and obstacles of information, control the vehicle's steering and speed, so that the vehicle can safely and reliably in the road.


"alphabus intelligent driving bus system"is derived from china's future new energy and smart bus system(cbsf) demonstration project.

the system as a whole solution, in domestic, autonomous control of intelligent driving technology as the foundation, artificial intelligence, automatic control, computer vision, and many other technology in one body.

    <p>the car is not overloaded and the top speed is 40km/h<./p>

according to data shows, the bus carrying 25 people, including 17 seats, 8 people can be full of electricity in 40 minutes, with a single range of 150km.the vehicle runs at 25km/h and the top speed is 40km/h.

so what happens to overload?

    <p>the overload didn't go./p>

"welcome to take the alpa-smart bus, the vehicle has entered the intelligent driving mode."at 10 a.m.the previous day, nandu reporters took a smart bus in the futian free trade zone with a smart bus.

/p/pat the beginning of the test, the vehicle was unable to move normally due to overloading, and the vehicle began to move normally when the passengers got off.

after sitting so there is no bus, no longer afraid of people crowded

(just want to be late, a little worried about the car)

    <p>this car is a little clever, it will make its own reaction

alpha and intelligent driving bus system through the analysis of the industrial computer, the vehicle controller, can network traffic environment, the real time to respond to other road users and the unexpected, has realized automatic under the driving of pedestrian and vehicle detection, deceleration collision avoidance, emergency stop, set obstacles, change lanes, dock automatically according to the station, and other functions.

    <p>please grab the handrail when you ride./p>

vehicles will be adjusted according to road conditions make corresponding reaction.when the vehicle runs to the corner, the steering wheel will rotate automatically, and the incoming stop will turn on the turn signal to change the way ahead of time.

bring the car around the sensor

in the process of driving, the vehicle for sensing the surrounding obstacles automatically snub, brakes.when a pedestrian passes in front of the vehicle, the vehicle will slow down and avoid the emergency.

the system has two modes of manual and intelligent driving, which can be switched according to actual demand.


on the basis of intelligent driving technology,"alpha"intelligent driving bus system"also contains intelligent traffic statistics analysis, scheduling, security assessment and emergency response, intelligent charging, intelligent maintenance subsystem, etc.

    <p>the ticket price is one yuan, free< during the test run./p>

during the trial operation, the tram first last bus operating time, 9:00 to 18:00.

so far, with alpha and transit system of shenzhen bus intelligent driving buses in chinese science and technology park, south china university of science and technology, fukuda bonded area test 4 months, the cumulative test mileage, about 8000 km.

test run time will be officially open to invited passengers for free experience.

only one line was opened during the test run:fubao line, 1.2 km.there are three stops!they are sea beam station, deep bath station and futian station respectively.

:the next step,"no bus"will first appear in the southern university of science and technology, the guangming new district in shenzhen and the city of dapeng in shenzhen.

, after the official operation, the currently known fubao line will be charged 1 yuan for 3 stations.however, during the trial run, it was officially offered to the invited passengers for free experience.p>payment method

the car carrying the device not only has the"shenzhen tong"card,"mobile phone via shenzhen"regular payment function, and implements the other cities in china such as beijing, chongqing, nanjing, suzhou, guangzhou transportation card credit card function, truly achieve connectivity of transportation card bus in shenzhen around.

, meanwhile, the terminal device will also have the scanning code payment function of shenzhen pass qr code, and passengers can enjoy the new experience of scanning the car with the mobile phone.



shenzhen system, once there is no loss, it will be open to everyone, almost all of china's tech companies are see baidu:

we announced the opening of driverless technology to faw, dongfeng, chery, changan and great wall.

baidu says that as long as three days, he can transform a self-driving the future, china may have a big wave of driverless car modification companies.

they specialize in putting eyes on the car, letting the car know where the person is, where the car is, where to take shelter and where to stop!



>huawei knows that in the future of everything connected, he needs to take responsibility!

now huawei has fired all its fire and made it to 5g.just yesterday, huawei confidently announced to the world that 5g commercial enters the countdown.

, you should see ahead of time that the future can't be connected to the internet of the car, just like today can't be connected with the brick cell phone, no one will again!he knows that there is no smart city without a smart transport, and no one drives like liu xiang with a broken leg!

, therefore, ma yun, with ali cloud, began to install smart brains in cities across the country, so that artificial intelligence could control traffic.

, he also remodelled all parking spaces in the city without stopping, charging, or even pulling out his phone.

, yes, you see new energy green cards, full automatic parking, full automatic traffic lights...these are the harbingers of driverless cars!

not only baidu, uber and other giants are competing in the field of driverless cars, but now many countries, such as japan, the netherlands and the united states, will use driverless cars in public can be said that the competition has reached the white heat, and no one wants to miss the opportunity of layout!

now, shenzhen bus unmanned ground, equal to declare to the world:

in the investment community and unmanned industry technology hundred years the largest new industry, china has had a first mover advantage, beyond most of the developed countries.

someone has issued a timetable, and it is predicted that in 2018, all the main lines in the city of shenzhen will be completely driverless;in 2025, private drivers are being laid off, and driverless cars are starting to get into 2040, there will be no traffic accidents!

progress never pity anyone.jack ma, who once asked you not to worry, has just reversed his attitude and said at the world internet conference that artificial intelligence will replace workers!

future, in the age of artificial intelligence, can you use this skill?will driverless cars replace human drivers?this seems to be a question worth pondering.

!don't underestimate the power of technology!

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