jack ma predicted that the annual savings bank would be less than a year after the industry

<img src="http://p1.pstatp.com/large/4ae60000ad157469c621">ma said he was in awe of the media and was very open to the media.he says he is not afraid to ask questions that are hard to answer, and he is afraid to have no meaningful questions because journalists' problems may cover their blind spots.

ma believes that ali has received a lot of attention, so he must be transparent, and he must have the media to supervise ali and oversee what ali is doing.for ali things in many media companies, he said ali really control only two, one is the version in the world, and the other a taobao, then also hope to establish a platform for small businesses.

"now 90% of the comments on the internet are non-brain comments, now there is no east asian sick man, only the online sick man."ma said the comments were"mental poop","the waste that goes in is in the public toilet, but there are also a lot of mental excretions, and all kinds of water army and rumor on the internet are spiritual waste."


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