reveal the life of the mogul: cook gets up every day and zuckerberg only loves this t-shirt

we all wonder what the daily life of the world's top executives is.or take a leisurely vacation on a private island?on such issues, the life of the different bosses is quite different.

this clock curious cook

runs one of the world's most high-profile technology company, where the cook's life does not easily, and he has strict management to their own schedules, true not ordinary people can achieve.

3:45 a.m.every day, when the normal person is at rest, cook, get out of bed, and then start working with new email is said that cook receives 700 to 800 e-mails a day, although a lot of them, but he still chooses to respond personally, and does not seem to be bored.

to 5 o 'clock, cook is on time to go to the gym to exercise, and he will get his work and fitness out of the way, and fitness is also a good habit that he has maintained for many years.

next, he will have breakfast with his staff at the company's for what to eat, an earlier cook interview with the new york times revealed that he typically eats more healthful foods such as stir-fried protein, sugar-free cereal, sugar-free almond milk and turkey bacon.

, cook is always the last person to leave the office at the end of the day, and we don't know much about his private life after work.but it is said that cook every day to ensure that the 7 hours of sleep, if so he will need to rest at 8:45, then cook during the week may be not much time to enjoy life.

generosity and lazy zuckerberg

zuckerberg is definitely one of the world's most young rich, he is only 33 years old now, born in the year 1984 is already has a lot of wealth, according to july of this year's forbes rich list of the world's real-time data, zuckerberg's personal wealth estimated at$72.7 billion, ranked the world's fifth position.

but zuckerberg for wealth and luxury life is not how, in order to celebrate the eldest daughter was born before, zuckerberg donate their 99% stake in facebook, around$45 billion, in the name of the daughter and set up a charity.

money is done with charity.what about your own life?fact that zuckerberg on and wore not how exquisite, his wardrobe is exactly the same as the black and gray t-shirt, so don't think he's always wash for a change of wearing the same clothes, family small firm can just love with money!

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/p>/p>/p>/p>/p bbb/p> buffett has been a"god of stock"for many years now, and the 87-year-old is demonstrating the alternative life of the rich.this year hbo has released a documentary,"becoming warren buffett,"which buffett personally participates in, and we can see in this documentary how he lives.

he give a person the first feeling is simple, breakfast is less than$3.17, mcdonald's is his favorite.he for breakfast money wisely to the outrageous, even if a good breakfast every morning when he is shaving expenses, and let his wife in a small cup in advance, and if today the stock market fell, he will spend$2.95 to buy breakfast, instead of$3.17.

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now buffett still lives in the old house he bought in 1958, when the house cost only$31,500, and he has lived in it for more than half a century!

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