the scene of the release of founder wang xin, who will be released from prison, is about to happen

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/palthough wang xin was jailed in the end, the excellent court was able to give wang xin a big supporter.

on november 20th, fast sowing founder's wife wang xin will be said on sina weibo is wang xin will be released!

before april 22, 2014, fast information has been of collecting the biggest video playback tool, and its users through to 500 million, such a large cake sigh in admiration capital business and similar products.

to sum up, fast information did very well in all aspects:

first, immediately quick seeding is the first stores the p2p technology to play to the extreme.

, the open air is inherently open.

old three, fast broadcasting developed video clip in 2008.

has these kinds of victories on the body, and it's like a silent technology in a short time.even if there is a strong competition such as qq video and the sound of wind and wind, the fast broadcasting still holds the whole network video on the market share of the market!

this issue of the winning play hardware, on april 22, 2014, by a large number of sudden seizure of the shenzhen branch of the police, to control all the computers and seemed so sudden, like an elaborate hunt.

the reason why it is so, the reason of the police arrive by ties of reporting, overnight, quickly become a rogue software, was sentenced to pay 260 million yuan fine, the issue has the potential to be a unicorn's entrepreneurial businesses surplus day fall on the ground!

and wang xin will be quickly become the cause of the object of general indignation, which came late and all aspects of the information we can also know a little.

would not venture capital and investment

and fast information situation, the capital business also want to into a piece, then find out, wang xin will be have a lot of the situation in stores but were in a variety of reasons wang xin will be the bottom of his technical staff, the high risk underwriters are all eyes on the value of fast is beyond his tolerance to invest in what his good shareholders have done to the user.

and bad content is the basic

in 2012, a bad information system was launched, and there were thousands of sources of bad information.however, it is impossible to solve the problem when i can't have my stamen condition.and what the latter has done is paralyzes the broadcast, since it has become a byword for piracy and bad news in the outside world.

, the competition of the same sect and the nine state internet in the

, the video clique is very december 2013, sohu, youku, tencent video, letv, formed a popular anti-piracy alliance.holding a press conference to beg for a quick broadcast, it was an internet war, and the people who started the war were expecting to be on the show.

on april 22, 2014, shenzhen police review unexpectedly quick stores, fast and then disappeared in the the later agreement, silent"friends"at last sit on the opposite side--tencent, letv, youku, and so on, in the middle of the road, there will be a once again the investor--li qing.inside, tencent baidu knows to admit it was its own report.

your wang xin is:we are a technology development shops, even if the user need not our technology, the technology will also use other, companies that focus on technology are rare.

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p/it is said that in prison, wang xin has been reading popular internet magazines, which confirms that he has been accumulating strength and rekindled!it is a terrible thing to do with the"friends"who used to step on one foot.after all, wang xin is not old, and the technology is still much more than three years in prison, he would be in the back of the ground a ray of energy, this would be the time to tell his people to worry about!


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