goodbye bank card!bank official announcement


shock!another disruptive black technology!

just now, many chinese banks on-line atm machine"brush face to withdraw money"function!

just now, the industrial and commercial bank of china has announced that it will open the bank to the internet!

so far, china's big four state-owned banks have finally achieved a strong joint strategy:icbc+jd, ccb+alibaba, agricultural bank+baidu, boc+tencent, the banking industry is really changing!!

goodbye, bank card!goodbye, traditional banking services!a new era of banking self-iteration officially arrives, affecting all chinese!

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stands in front of the atm machine of agricultural bank, take a look at the camera, then enter the phone number, the amount of withdrawal, the password, and automatically vomit money and take the cash.

specific operating below

delta corner choose brush face withdrawals

delta ready, click on the confirmation

delta customers enter a phone number or id number to extract cash

agricultural bank atm brush face a withdrawal is face recognition technology is applied to a innovative attempt in the field of withdrawal, now take the lead in guiyang, implement the provincial coverage at the end of this year.

it is understood that the bank head office has issued notice, is asking the country to promote, for the country's 24064 branches, 30089 atm, 100000 atm machine installation of face recognition system.

, of course, agricultural bank is not the first bank to"brush face and withdraw money", and earlier construction and recruitment have been piloted in a small scope.agbank's promotion and popularization of"scrubbing the face"will really accelerate china's"face to face"era!

to see this, many people may worry about:

my face will be stolen?for example, if the robber carries you to the atm lens to show a face, you can easily withdraw money.or, can you get a big picture, or a video mask and a mask to get the cash out of the atm?

too young too simple!brushing your face is only the first step, but after facial recognition, you still need to enter your personal identity information and the withdrawal password to take the money, not as you might expect, to simply brush your face and withdraw money.

we only know brush face era has begun, but never thought everything would come so fast!face recognition technology seems to be coming out!

, august 25, wuhan railway station comprehensively announced:brush face to enter station;

on september 1, alipay fired the first shot, announcing the commercial swiping face payment;

:on september 5, a lot of hotels in hangzhou don't use id cards, and they can also check in.

september 6, hsbc announced the use of face recognition technology;

on september 7, jingdong suning opened the face to pay, a face to take the goods;

september 9, all public rental housing in beijing will introduce the"face recognition"entrance ban;

, september 11, beijing normal university announced that students' dormitory was fully open to"open the door";

is the best way to apply the face!in the list of the world's top 10 breakthrough technologies released by the science and technology review of the massachusetts institute of technology in 2017,"pay for your face"is an easy entry.

for half a month, our face has started to replace:bank card, id, cell phone, train ticket, even the door key.

jack ma said that in the future, a face can be unimpeded all over the world.he had no sky, and the day was getting closer and closer to us!

#2 has been sounded, the banking industry is really changing the day

card, goodbye!

not only because of the brush face, but also because of"silver white".

, nov.27, china industrial and commercial bank of china jointly announced the launch of the first bank on the internet platform in china's banking industry:icbc xiaobai.

this bank is different from all the previous internet banking forms, she doesn't need a carrier, can be embedded in any app and internet scene, there is her in the internet.

this means:starting today, we not only don't have to go to a bank branch, also can need not download bank app, can conveniently use the bank's products and services!

:this is another big news for the banking industry after the establishment of the jack ma.the first of the four major lines, icbc chose the same liu qiangdong as the red department!

remember not long ago, china construction bank announced together with the ma:china construction bank and alibaba, the ant gold reached a strategic cooperation!

at the time, the whole banking circle was bombed,"traitor","crazy", and all kinds of cynical and sarcastic comments like the flood.

"if the bank doesn't change, we'll change the bank!"at the end of 2008, jack ma shouted out this heroic speech!that's true in less than a decade!

shook hands, fruits:

1, in pay treasure, pay treasure will directly buy ccb financial products;

2, opening wealth no.:ccb will provide personalized, customized products and services through the technical capabilities of ant financial services;

3, online open card:jack ma will assist construction bank to promote the credit card online card business;

4, mutual recognition and mutual scanning:that is, the qr code of the future ccb and alipay can be scanned each other.

if ccb shook hands with ma, sounded the horn of traditional chinese bank since the break the deadlock, so icbc teamed up with liu, today is tearing crack, let the light in the image of the banking sector.

before this:

on june 20th, baidu and the agricultural bank of china announced a strategic cooperation, the two sides signed a cooperation framework agreement, the opening of financial technology joint laboratory at the same time.

september 25, the bank of china announced that it had signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with tencent, while boc hong kong and tencent signed the tencent technology-the hong kong cooperation agreement between china and the mainland.

, now, china's big four state-owned banks have finally achieved a strong and strong joint strategy:icbc+jd, ccb+alibaba, agricultural bank+baidu, boc+tencent, the banking industry is really changing!!

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from the moment the big four banks broke the deadlock and joined forces together, the sound of the traditional chinesethe era of financial rich people and the great power of science and technology has been solved.

/p> may cause stress to chinese enterprises in the short term.but in the long run, it will be good for domestic enterprises.chinese enterprises can only grow up if they are experienced in international competition.

today, when all the"bull"-apple from abroad knocked at the door of mobile payment, visa, unionpay and traditional bank will further find that oneself and jingdong and ali, but are brothers.face from abroad opponent, tiger or brother, war or son soldier!

perhaps soon, the bank will become"recognition", atm, atm is no longer to take their money out of site is no longer the traditional outlets, could become a micro letter to connect to a node, the innovation of the micro letter pay experience, all people benefit from!!!!!

in today's world, innovators to win,"subversives wins!

is like the spring breeze, the pear trees bloom!


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