lei jun hold a big move!after the introduction of the performance of mi ai, the green light of the user

/> december 3/>/p>/p>/>/>/>/>/>/solstice/solstice/solstice/solstice/solstice/solstice/solstice/the fourth world internet conference will be held in wuzhen in the theme of"promoting open sharing of digital economy and building a community of shared future in cyberspace".the godfather of xiaomi is one of the world's top ten million people.

:on december 3, lei jun said in a visit to cctv that lei jun emphasized that he was the founder of the word"full screen".

small make up for after half sentence is particularly curious.

:this year is the year of full screen mobile phone, and all the major manufacturers have made great efforts to launch their own full screen, and xiaomi has been able to recruit more and more.already past mix 2 does not say, say next, millet will launch a thousand yuan comprehensive screen.

on december 7, xiaomi will release the full screen new machine red mi 5 and red mi 5 plus.according to the latest news, the phone will be sold in double 12, and the company has already prepared a lot of spot, to satisfy the first batch of users.

view, millet is"determined"to be popularized the full screen, so this time to prepare the two red rice series of full screen, one is red rice note 5, a red rice is 5, which will be one thousand yuan or more low market.

to be honest, this is not the most awesome.

is well known that this year's ai feature is also a big selling point in addition to the full screen.after the iphone, and the glory of the huawei mate and just released 10 x v10 are equipped with ai chip, officially, equipped with ai chip phone can intelligent identification scene in the photograph, and include the scene on the simulation of life, and so on.

but now, xiaomi is going to be the head of the ai phone.

in the world conference on the internet on the morning of december 4, artificial intelligence on the bbs, lei jun speech and revealed the next generation of millet flagship phone in 2018.lei said that in 2018, the new mi phone will use ai technology, which is mainly used for taking photos, but there will be many applications in the future.

it is important to note that in july, the millet millet has launched flagship ai ai small speakers, love on the bbs, lei jun says,"little love classmate"voice commands in a single breakthrough in 3 million, has become a smart home control center, we believe that the center is a router before, now we feel wrong, center should be intelligent speakers.

return phone, millet seems to be apple is also not difficult!on bbs, lei jun showed a data that the miui global connected activation user has exceeded 300 million.

now, the miui has changed to the latest miui 9, with"quick like lightning", and the comprehensive experience is better.

on november 15, beautiful miui 9 stable release formal for 18 millet phone push updates, including:millet mix2 max2 6 note3, millet, millet, millet, millet, mix, millet, millet note 2 c/5 x 5/5/5 s/5 s plus, red rice note5a, red rice 5 a, red rice note4x standard edition, millet note top-of-the-line version 4 s/4 c, millet, red rice, 4 x.

needs to be noted that the full screen red mi 5 and red mi 5 plus that will be released on december 7th will also confirm that the new miui 9 system will be carried.

millet mobile phones in the world market position, no doubt.

now, xiaomi has entered more than 60 countries and entered the top five in thirteen countries.moreover, after two years of"remedial"adjustment, xiaomi's real second-degree rise:

has completed its annual sales target of 100 billion in october.

india was particularly prominent, with market share rising to 23.5%, becoming the first in india.

has just entered the russian market for a year and has jumped to third place in the mobile phone brand;

in this year's double 11 tmall activities, millet tmall flagship store sales throughout the day as high as 2.464 billion, mobile phone sales in the first, tv sales in the first, there are dozens of iec product sales first, implements the tmall double 11 won!

, how strong is xiaomi's phone?

, i'm really looking forward to the next generation of xiaomi flagship phones!

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