liu qiangdong wang xingdong: ma huateng lei to form the most powerful tencent ecological bureau

ding's meal(sporty) net figure captions)

lotte sporty) net reported on december 4,

the annual world conference on the internet in the flourishing again, together with the zhejiang wuzhen, the annual science and technology of china bosses meal again.

liu and mr wang group meal

in addition to netease ceo ding ect, jingdong group ceo liu review and group ceo mr wang made a meal, also known as cooperation bureau.

in this meal, clockwise from tencent ma jingdong group ceo liu, hillhouse capital ceo zhang lei, drops ceo chengwei, quickly ceo suhua, worship the ceo wang xiaofeng, meituan review executive wang huiwen, zhihu ceo victor zhou's adventures, 58 market ceo yao jinbo.

gsr ventures partner zhu xiaohu, jingdong strong financial ceo melchor, lenovo ceo yang yuanqing, sequoia partner shen, today's headlines ceo yi-ming zhang, millet technology ceo lei jun, meituan comments on ceo mr wang.

the characteristics of the bureau, to participate in, the ceo of tencent invest mostly ecological enterprises, involved in many investors also cooperate with tencent.

millet ceo lei jun

millet ceo lei jun is very busy, both attended the ding ect, with rivals, huawei terminal chairman yu hobnobbing, also participated in the cooperation.

millet ceo lei jun with huawei terminals chairman yu(sporty) net figure captions)

ma, liu and lei jun(sporty) net figure captions)

earlier, ma, liu, lei jun a line has been chatting with a meal.just at the gathering, alibaba's chairman, jack ma, has been absent.

now, every day in wuzhen world internet conference, people are not only talking about what the internet barons are talking about, but the dining room after a meeting.these meals are also described as the most expensive internet in the eastern hemisphere.


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