how many times do you do it every day?

:in this mobile internet age, many people are heavily dependent on mobile their spare time, they often pick up mobile's easy to understand that some people even charge a cell phone a few times a day, but do you know that some charging bad habits can shorten the life of your phone?

1, overnight charging

> more than 90 percent of mobile phone users will have the habit of all-nighters, so will it be harmful to the phone overnight?in theory, there is no protection mechanism for the circuit and charger in the phone, and the power is automatically cut off after full power, so theoretically there is no effect.

, but if your phone uses a lot of power and the phone is used more, you can use wechat group for example, plus a few larger wechat groups, and you will often have messages on your phone.when the phone starts, it consumes power, and the battery is recharged and circulates throughout the night.the loss of cell phone battery is also related to the number of charging times, which can affect the life of the battery, especially the less excellent battery.

shutdown sleep, or close the app that is running.

2, frequent charging

a lot of people see the charging line up like a conditioned reflex to mobile phones, but frequent charge their phone is not a good choice.

the first mobile phone port is a wear parts, frequent plug is easy to damage, for some of the port module circuit board for independence in terms of smartphone, even consumers poorer escape", but for some charging port integration in motherboard products, later period maintenance cost would be too expensive.

secondary to the first point is that frequent charging can affect battery life.

3, run out of battery charging in

in order to reduce the number of charging, some users choose to battery drain on charging, it fell into the other extreme, the same will damage the battery life, it is recommended that is about 10% in electricity charge in time.

4, use inferior charging line charger

original line charging adapter are generally more expensive, especially apple users, so many people in charge charger after missing is to buy the third line charger, but when you buy these products must pay attention to its quality, resolutely resist 3 without the product.

is worth noting that the power of the original charger is not the same, and the rebooting device with bigger power than the original charger will wear out the cell phone battery.

5, in high temperature, low temperature or humid environment.

is now in october, the temperature drops rapidly, the winter is coming, and the mobile phone will enter the"non-periodical sleep"stage.because the temperature is too low, the mobile phone can be used to speed up, automatic shutdown and other problems, which can inconvenience sure to keep your phone away from heat or low temperature when charging.if the phone is recharged with liquid, make sure the port is dry before charging and avoid a short circuit.

6, charging while using a cell phone

in the process of charging, the charging current is generally higher than the mobile phone can provide current, so the process is actually consumed rather than the battery's charging power supply, but this is bound to reduce cell phone charging efficiency, prolong the charging time.

in addition, the charging process long, heavy use of smart phones will be more easy to fever, for the internal space is compact, components of complex smartphone is easy to damage.and there are safety concerns.

7, sit idle for a long time

automatic discharge battery for a long time, finally also may cause permanent damage to the battery...unable to continue charging, that is to say,"the battery starved to death."

in determining device may in the longer term idle, must will be a full charge, and do not regularly check whether there is any charge, if the battery is too low to charge timely, and then continue to"grey".

in addition don't charge for a long time, to enable the equipment, charge for a period of time may not response, don't panic awakening process longer, if we charge it for a long time, the phone still no light...then the smart takes it.

> many do you make up?

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