what else did the successful man say except the wifi?

this number for:all kinds of"dinner texts", welcome the attention

the legend in the history of some people now can predict the future, the human catastrophe was the ancient prophecy, today let's look at the history of mankind in 10 was predicted:

10 wifi

nikola tesla, the nickname"invented"of the 20th century, he made outstanding contributions in the realm of modern electric.in 1901 he had predicted that wifi, told the new york times in an interview, he talked about the outlook for the future of science and technology, predicted that there would soon be wireless transfer of information technology, globalization and everyone can transmit their information through a device.now we know that the device is the cell phone.the first phone was invented in 1973, and the wifi was invented in australia in 1991!he also in 1926, predicted a similar network chat and video chat technologies:through tv people can hear and see the thousands of miles away at the other end of the person face to face in real time.in san francisco nikola tesla will launch of the free wifi signal to the person to use, very cool:)

9 organ transplant

robert boyle, known as the father of modern chemistry, at the time of his idea is very advanced.in the 1660s, he had been dreaming of a lot of future technologies, and one of them was that doctors could cure diseases through organ transplants, which was a myth at the time.three hundred years later, the first case of a kidney transplant was successful, and the technique was widely known to have treated countless patients.by 2014, there were 17,107 organ transplants in the united states alone!robert's prediction is more than that.he also predicts the extension of submarines, psychedelic drugs, genetically modified crops, gps, airplanes and longevity.

8 atomic

herbert george wells, known as the"world war"a book of global science fiction writer, first appeared in the atomic bomb in his works, that is a kind of uranium grenades, infinitely many times explosion.the author himself was not a scientist, and he had a very poor knowledge of radioactivity, but he came up with a weapon of great potential.in the 28th year of his book, the first nuclear reaction experiment began.7 the titanic

in 1898, the american writer morgan robertson, published a book called futility or the wreck of the titan(in vain or titan destruction), inside a ship named ss titan, sank after hit an iceberg in the north atlantic.fourteen years later, the ship, the titanic, hit an iceberg and sank, killing more than 1,500 people.

fiction and reality close to the size of the ship, speed as well as the name, the novel of the titan, known as the"unsinkable ship", also is both because the lifeboat by the number of deaths, crash in april, half were killed!these coincidences are amazing!the author himself later refutes that these were purely coincidental, and the description of the ship was so detailed that his father was a captain.6 wall street crash

edgar cayce is a sensation in the 1920 s, his eyes closed all answer any questions about national politics.in 1925, casey warned of a crash in 1929, and many of his clients began divestment.by the time the prophecy had arrived, the new york stock exchange had plunged, causing 13 million people to lose their jobs, and the index didn't return until 1954.

, but casey's prediction didn't end there.in 1938, he again predicted that archeologists would find a significant discovery in the bahamas.so in 1968 a lost ancient city of atlantis was discovered.the man also accurately predicted his death on january 1, 1945:four years from now!finally, he died four years later on january 3.5 internet

the representative figure of american literature mark twain was born 90 years ago in 1898, the internet made a prophecy, he wrote in a short novel into a kind of can let people daily behavior through communication of science and technology let the world know that device.in his 1909 biography, he also predicted his death:"when i was born, halley's comet came to earth, and next year it will come again, and i will go with it."finally he died on april 21, 1910, the day that halley's comet had swept across the earth again after 75 years.

4 human moon

"around the world in 80 days", the author of the 19th century french novelist jules verne wrote in 1865, a piece of short fiction from the earth to the moon, it predicts the human to the moon for the first time.a century later, in 1969, mankind made this big leap!

verne's travel to the moon is not his most famous prophecy, but he also accurate to say there will be several astronauts on apollo, from florida, also describes the weightlessness is a kind of feeling, at a time when the scientists can't even imagine what it is what feeling.

3 cold war

french scientists politicians alex sith de tocqueville in the 1840 book"the american democracy,"wrote there will be two completely contrary power, in order to achieve the same goal.when he was writing this book, the united states just less than 60 years, from british colonial liberation also constantly suffer from the misery of the civil war, the soviet union is experiencing the dictatorship, under such international environment, can make the two countries will become the world hegemony the predicted vision isn't it?a century later, the cold war began.

2 fire of london

is famous for making many french prophet michel de nostradamus predict exactly(after his death was confirmed), he predicts that in the poems of the 1666 london that almost destroyed the whole city fire:in 66 the city on fire, flows the blood of justice in london.

1 da vinci manuscripts

leonardo da vinci is a renaissance generalist type character, artists, scientists, mathematicians, engineers, musicians, all set and he a man!leonardo da vinci's notebooks recorded since the 1480 s and he died in 1519, his countless ideas during this period, many of the design idea and the technology behind is a advanced at that time, through the painting, he described the the details of the invention is in place, then these designs have been in the human history, such as he was painting a full-bodied armor protection of the vehicle into the tank after 400, one of his parachute prototype design draft after 300 became a reality, and the helicopter in the 1940 s to achieve more!


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