if you want to restart the fly letter, you will still be able to catch the meal


remember fetion?recently, mobile has to smash 83911 million"resurrected"it!

fetion is not dead?this is the first reaction of many people.it's not dead, but it's about the same as death...

wanted initially, fetion in kielce qq, registered users up to 500 million, but quickly went by tencent kill, happily.

is just over 10 years after the release of the flight letter.

1/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p/p/p>/p>/p/p/p>/p/p/p>/p/>/p/p/in january, the landmark iphone came out, and in november, an android.the smartphone era has begun.

was a big event that year, and that was the launch of china mobile's flying letter.nobody can see it now, but at the time, it was a real blockbuster.

:in 2007, people's chat tools were mainly different:qq and sms.

qq is free, but smart phones are not popular, even with noto qq phone, nobody can guarantee online at any time, can't afford to injury.

text is a fee, a piece of hair, and also has the word limit.the group send blessing of the festival, or the group of the class committee send a notice, ten come block is gone, the heart ache!

until 2012, the number of text messages in the country had been climbing, up to 897.31 billion.several operators, relying on the text messaging business, can lay down money.

is the right time to enter the market.at the time it featured a"free text message"that definitely made users scream.

, if you log in with traffic, you can send free sms to any mobile number, and there is no limit to the number of messages!in addition, flight letters and qq can be operated on the computer, realizing the synchronous switching between pc and mobile phones.user experience is a"good"word.

fetion charges, only from its traffic fee.at this point, flying letter is superior to qq, which is more efficient than qq, even if 24 hours online, 50 meters per month will be the day.

, and in the application aspect, fei xin is not only applicable to ios and android, but also to the already weakened symbian, even the wm and other systems.

and mobile in terms of promotion of fetion, is also under the great kung fu.for example, when mobile fetion user is analyzed with the most concentrated in the m-zone brand, we often can see jay on the network and the traditional media, s.h.e, and hanging next to pan weibo fetion advertising posters.even, fei xin has worked with qq, and launched the"fei xin qq".

:finally, the mobile phone has been able to develop rapidly with the omni-directional three-dimensional attack of mobile global, dynamic zone and shenzhou line.

, at that time, i didn't know how many people's text messages, full of words:reply y plus friends.also don't know how many company employees, department heads, college class committee, in order to fly letter, the original signals unicom, replaced by mobile number, put not fetion shanzhai, replaced by other mobile phones.

incidentally, fetion is saved countless couples, no longer pointing to the text, finally can chat freely bold sao.

:the growing number of users, making mobile once boast of haikou, to take 20% of tencent's users.in 2012, the company's monthly active users were up to 90 million, which was a great deal with qq.

unfortunately, mobile beat a good hand to powder.

2 don't blame users cast blame his adventurous

zhihu on one participates in development fetion user is said to have revealed that"fetion development, operation and promotion, to avoid the loss of state-owned assets."

:"avoid the loss of state assets"and start the internal self-game between internet products and traditional value-added services, so that flying letters lose the chance of evolution.

is bound to fly letter of hands and feet, unable to send text message to the unicom, electric signal, this seems to have a point of logic at the time, now seems to be really narrow.

> until 2012, fei xin was only open to unicom and telecom users, but still no one applauded because of the sms messages sent to other carriers and charged!

in the same year in september, the micro credit number 200 million.the rise of wechat was also the beginning of flight.mobile will not let go of the text business this mu of land.i dare not to change my life, but i can only be revolutionized by others.

one index(fetion and wechat)

when the reflex arc very long move until 2012 fetion cut open, wechat, m chat software has all come out.what time did they come in?it is the era of falling flow rates and smart phone spurts that are becoming the norm online.

in this era, flying trust to support"free sms"has almost no advantage.at this point, the flight from the ui to the experience of the defect is also amplified, finally reduced to"optional"software.

someone so fun,"university of time, sister 12 pm multiple fetion asked me out, the results of the second day afternoon to receive."i don't know how many couples have been torn apart by the speed of sending letters.such a bug happened three or five times, and no one can stand it.

, for such a bug, the person who plays the fly letter has his own way of responding, which is to add a sentence at the end of the message."please reply."every word has its own helplessness.

/p>, for example, the pc client of the flight letter consumes the memory of the computer, which is often due to the flight of the computer.

mobile also is not never save fetion, has introduced a new way of communication, even in september 2011, has launched a similar letter chat software to fly, but move back to the mountain, fly about two years to less than 2 million, users have obtained was abandoned in 2013.

save the cause of the failure, because the brand image has been deeply rooted-fetion send sms free of charge, but more importantly, the response of the mobile always slower than rivals several clap, flux.imagine what it would be like to be able to come back and have 500 million users.

in june last year, moving a turn on the sms fetion business referrals announcement, let many people mistakenly assume that fly letter to stop service, almost collective honor lost youth, on the internet for this official also specially to rumours.then it was moved to a new name,"and flying letters".

and fei xin's business in the enterprise im market, the 83.91 million it is ready to invest this year is to hit it.

but some things, not throwing money at it.

3.can you screw up your life?

in the personal communication market, fei xin was the first player in the market, but it was still unrelenting by many rivals.business communications and flying letters, the outlook is more unpromising...

before and fetion, enterprise communications has multiple players, such as enterprise micro letter, ali nailing.not only is it late in the office, but it's also a movement of hindsight, and you know what you're going to do in the face of internet companies like alibaba and tencent.

for the rescue of china mobile, what do you think?


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