the math genius never failed to make a billion dollars and was kicked out of the company

this is a mathematical genius, or a start-up prodigy, who has never failed in his three career ventures, and even has been crowned the"entrepreneur man who never fails".but three starts are all at the expense of leaving.

:he was sent to peking university when he was 18 years old.he did a search on his first venture, two years before baidu, only to sell it when he was 24, he made 100 million dollars, and it took him eight years to start a business that was 30 billion, but he got kicked out.

where he was to go to net zhuangchen, ceo of super.born in shanghai in 1976, he has been interested in mathematics since childhood and has a very high aptitude for mathematics.he is said to have been able to play cards from an early age against an adult.

:i was in the youth palace when i was a child, i have been exposed to the computer, other children play games, he has been programming with the network management, it is said that the primary school has written dozens of small programs in basic language.later in junior high school, high school, zhuang chen's mathematics talent was revealed, not only the first prize in the mathematics competition of hua luogeng cup every year, but also at the age of 18, he was sent to the department of electronic engineering of peking university.

he said in an interview, because the mathematical talent, so anything he can calculate the probability, encounter problems, are using mathematical modeling methods, which the possibility to succeed big point to solve the problem.that's the way he used it three times.

business for the first time, in 1997, is in the north, he is only 21 years old at the time, the use of silicon valley verity the website of the chinese version, discovering how the"search"chinese search engine, two years earlier than li founded baidu also.he sold it at the back, because he calculated the probability, he didn't make it, he sold the best, so he sold the product for the first time and made a profit.

is the second undertaking in 1999, he and a few friends founded shawei sports, adopting new"consulting+images"mode.six months later, the bbs became the largest sports bbs in the country.

in 2000, the internet bubble came, and he sold the bbs15 million to richard li, who was only 24 years old and made hundreds of millions of dollars.

is in 2000, it is true that everyone has a difficult time.jack ma is still in hangzhou to brainwash the 18 luo han classes, ma huateng is also looking for investment, and he wants to sell qq.

after this sold bbs, divided the money founders, the elder brothers went to visit the united states, found a job of the world bank, the annual salary of$200000, but three years later, mixed up home business again.

this time, he found out where to go online.he felt that ctrip could make money on the online ticket booking and ticket.he would have to make a better one.

the latter also known, where the net at that time the scene is no two, in 2011, where the traffic is more than the ctrip, 2013, listed in the u.s., valued at$5 billion.

, however, due to the numerous investment, the company's shares have been continuously diluted and there is not enough control over the 2011, baidu bought 62% of the shares, only 7%, and zhuang became a professional manager.

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but the man who never failed, really three entrepreneurial success, though the results are not very good, but according to his mathematical probability to calculate, perhaps this is the correct and reasonable, but life is not necessarily the probability, life is life, business is business, you say?

, of course, he also has a billion assets now, and he has invested in many businesses, he is very carefree, he is said to be starting a business now, he is going to be a you think he will succeed again?