jd: what do you say to ma yun?

although ali said last year that he didn't want to focus too much on data, this year's double 11 is still crazy!10 seconds, 1.6 billion;3 minutes 58 seconds, 10 billion;two hours and 15 minutes, 80 billion;at 13:07, 36 seconds, 102.7 billion!it has broken through last year's turnover.in the end, the 11-day trading volume hit 168.2 billion!wireless transactions accounted for 90 per cent, covering 225 countries and regions.

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2017 tmall double 11, global consumers through paying treasure to complete pay total of 1.48 billion pen, pen 41% more than last year.the equivalent of a double 11 day, on average, each chinese paid more than one payment on alipay.last year, double 11 was broken.did you pay so much money with your feet this year?!

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zero point one, the complete edition of the work keep way online youku video, was used to the double end 11 spoke two son jack ma, no thick line this year.father ma once said,"i only want to do small business, the most regretful thing is to create alibaba!"i didn't believe it, but today i believe, ma dad's real dream is to make money, to act...

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"tmall"carnival day, big enterprise, on the top of the year!nine hours and 100 billion.that's the concept?in the first 10 months of this year, the top 10 companies in the sales of national housing enterprises, the tenth, 111.7 billion!

alibaba group ceo zhang yong recalled the birth of the double 11:"we were very young, and we wanted to do something to let others remember us."in nine years, the double 11 has become a global carnival.zhang also said there will be more changes in the next three years."if the 'double 11' is still the same as it is today, then i think we must have done something wrong."

is double 11 every year, it feels like the whole world is taobao, but this year, jd has a feeling!in addition to handing over a good transcript, jd.com is also showing off the benefits and diss ali!

, after the announcement of the double 11 data from jingdong, from the zero point of november 1 to november 11, the amount of the order amount to 100 billion yuan(total time of 10 days and 8 hours);tmall double 11 was worth 100 billion yuan(nine hours and four seconds).the total value of jd.com's"double 11"has reached$127.1 billion.

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then, alibaba group, the market public relations committee chairman wang shuai 11 morning furious blow jingdong in live:"as long as the jingdong willingly, can take a year to place the order amount is double tenth yikua year total amount of the order of large activity, can let oneself happy is not a bad thing, this cat every day trading is definitely more than a year of jingdong.""alibaba is going to train more companies like jd,"he said.in view of the ali's ridicule, jingdong group cmo frank xu lei responded:

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jingdong means:ali's data is more than 20 days in a day.tmall is in the"double 11", playing a pre-sale routine, and many merchants are locked up and can only be snapped up on november 11th.this year, ali and jd.com have been fighting each other, from"618"to"double 11".a few days ago, liu qiangdong was still in diss ali forcing merchants to choose one.

"double 11", liu qi-dong awarded 10 new cadillacs to 10 employees who worked hard for many years.

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the east elder brother send greeting cards to employees

as early as in late october, liu broke on their own in the headline number, jingdong group for employees and the kindergarten, jingdong renmin university affiliated elementary school, high school education facilities, etc.the big move, however, was a good one.

for new retail, liu qiangdong in an interview with cctv finance, showed the high tacit understanding with jack ma.liu qiangdong:"we saw the trend of"online and offline combination"three years ago.

liu explained in detail:"the jingdong mentioned is unbounded retail, it goes beyond the concept of the so-called online and offline, all return to the origin, back to the consumer as the center, our deep thinking, to observe consumers, consumers see when and in what situations, at what time will have what kind of consumer demand.

we can assign all offline partner, as long as you like, we can provide a complete set of the technology solutions to them, use the data and our technology, we can help these offline partners, reduce their costs and improve operating efficiency.

, although there is still a two"fight"incident today, ma and liu qiang dong are in strategic planning, or"god fit".