take a look at those remarks that made the takeout baby go untold

since the rise of takeout(meituan, hungry, etc.), it has greatly facilitated the lives of people, so that the food can be eaten without leaving home.it also spawned an industry, the delivery of takeout, the"takeout baby".it's hard to deliver takeout, but sometimes the customers' remarks are very annoying to the takeaway.let's take a look at some of the remarks that made the take-away baby go.

this note also......you just say what you can put in there.

the friend fishing possessed the right

crane delivery??????can not help but recall those memories when i was in school

threat take-out little elder brother is not good oh, also let people bring you 50 kilo meters and watermelon

over, after delivery to add a little elder brother interview levels tested in appearance, let me what about me

little brother can also take sanitary napkins, surprisingly unexpected

what you prick home weng knowable???

this is precisely put pepper or not?

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