close wechat switch phone can save up to g memory space!


actually, in addition to the mobile phone app

wechat itself occupy memory is great

the photos and video chats,

is occupying wechat memory of the two big"killer".

clean wechat storage space

this operation can release large amounts of memory.

to close the four function


shut down automatically save function

click on the[i]-[set]-[gm]-[film]-shut down[photographs and video].


close near people

open wechat, click on the[i]-[set]-[gm]-"function", select"nearby people", close and clear my position information 】 【 【 outage 】.


closed voice notepad

, in turn, click on the[i]-[set]-[gm]-"function", select"voice notepad", select close.


close games section red dot tip

, in turn, click on the[found]-[game], click on a circle icon at the top of the page-and then respectively"received great news list"and"receiving circle game news"shut down.

memory or not?the following can also be deleted!


the voice memos of the apple phone are absolutely memory killers, and if you can, remove them all.


browser cache


, in addition, the apple phone in the case of insufficient memory, log on the app store, randomly search a large app with a large memory, and then click download.

:the apple system will automatically help you clear the cache of all your apps in case of insufficient memory.there was a time when a peer was up to 3gb.




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