bought a mental retardation robot and then it took the home apart

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is something like this.

a netizen [email protected] village head locust tree essence,

because of his sweeping robots finally unbearable,

on weibo tearful launched a complaint,

get the thumb up in succession.

to learn about the first of the robot.

(here should have brand advertising, but very sorry that i don't have)

as"outstanding representative"of modern intelligent home appliance,

it is mainly responsible for automatic cleaning, vacuuming, cleaning,

is known as an office worker and for lazy people.

is characterized by automatic explore terrain,

reasonable cleaning route optimization and memory.

with infrared sensor detection system,

can effectively prevent accidental impact.

the obstacles can be smart to avoid,

no electricity can also automatically find way back to the power source to recharge my batteries.

however, ideal is always too good.

reality, the sweeping robot is more like a cake shaped husky,

, stupid, stupid, powerful, and a few features.

they sometimes unmanageable and

day is the foot of the bed, chair, slippers.

dui all blocked its route of furniture.

even family pets don't pass!

and sometimes stupid show moe, card where you encounter.

even blanket also walk not to the past.

then can send voice, waiting for you to go to the rescue.

if you forget it's there,

the result may be it in the middle of the quacks out of bed to drill.

say good no electricity automatically pathfinding to recharge my batteries, not exist.

a word out of them also locked himself.

or sit elevator down to a walk to go trip.

as for sweeping job done?

is all in the mood.

, as long as it looks at the garbage, even people want scan.

don't want to sweep, even when he hugged it to the trash.

it's work like walking,

path is a only belong to the art of the robot.

a lot of families, said the

in order to make sweeping robot work smoothly,

they will clear up before it turned on the ground,

or the ground will become more dirty.

possible situation has broken the vase:

torn toilet paper:

overturned pot:

or through cable.

sound is completely huskies, right?

if your home already has a dog,

then the chemical reaction will be more exciting.

is broken with high crystal,

, you can only wait for the demolition.

they'll jump up and down together, that's good.

more importantly that a bubble shit.

when convenient stupid dog at home,

smell excrement of the robot will quickly heading for odor source.

and dedicated work,

recompacted shit, and shit evenly daub is on the ground.

there is a desperate netizen said,

dog shit while driving of the robot.

yes, sweeping robot finally found their own value,

is your pet at home are like it very much.

the cat can use it to bully dog:

the tortoise can use it to race:

the rabbit can use it to lose weight.

for this situation, the human said very embarrassed.

, do you want to throw it?i don't want to get a few thousand dollars.

to continue?it was a mental gaunt.

but why are they selling so well each year?

is probably a lot of people think of it as a pet or a child.

keep it real stupid human,

with intellectual disabilities robot,

you position to drop one in the house.

(photo from weibo share)