japan can only bemoan china after watching the chinese double

the annual double eleven is over, and the world's eyes have focused on china's"hand chopping".

although already to china the day crazy with cognition, but three minutes breaks through sales of 10 billion yuan of the"china speed","let the japanese shocked.

japan local electricity company, yahoo and lotte also held a big promotion on this day,"double a"obviously out of the country, and"cyber monday"has become a worldwide shopping festival.soon we will be able to see the pain and joy of the world's"mincing men".

of course, there is no comparison, no damage, not so sad, japanese media said:on behalf of the japan's lotte of electricity market, the annual sales of 39.5 billion yen, alibaba has done it one day, has produced nearly 1.5 billion package...

a series of"astronomical figures"have shocked japanese netizens:china is a great country that is good at creating miracles.

, although i don't know how many visitors to the peak, the hardware and software that can support it is too great!

has been bought by alibaba, and the quality of the goods has been much better recently, almost all of them are parcel post, which is less than a third of the price in japan.

, japan sells 2,000 yen and china 250 yen can buy it.

the japanese also can't help thinking of"compared with these big companies in china, japan's big companies seem to have a look the trend of more and more to the less, the gap is clearly growing","the future of asia's economic center is in china, if you want to do business we should start to learn chinese with chinese people".