let a hacker tell you how much the internet gambling is!

network gambling

in the true sense of the hacker, never idle egg hurts to black some personal website, they are all without the early, if now what is the project on the network hackers could dare to do, and even the risk is still carry out the project, so there is no doubt that is black on the internet gambling sites.today i'm going to tell you a little bit about the amazing experience of a hacker friend a few years ago.

my friend"k", insiders said krystkowiak this programmer is a well-known internet companies, but because my girlfriend let him become decadent and even began to revenge society itself, it was also during that time, small k did many bad things, has finally been related department please go to drink tea, live in the six months, after several internet companies in the small k to deliver a resume, but was turned down, finally, finally through a friend is introduced into a small k"hackers", formally started his career as a hacker.

the un community

back home about tens of millions of small k hand, have made several internet project at home, but in the end because of don't understand the operation and eventually lead to failure, finally, after two years of spending, small k and have no money, and then the small k seems to still owe a lot of debt, debt hacker small k again had to return to their own time, at that time seems to be 2012 or 2013, there was a network gaming platform called the un community, small k united we a few friends after scoring the un community platform background management system, the next thing let's stunning!

the un community

enter the center of un community background, after we see the platform of the monthly report and nearly three months of report, incredibly numbers to frighten the dead, then i really admire such a lousy platform is a month of income than many of the world top companies more than a year the revenue, said estimate you would not believe, but it really is true.unfolded after we began to think of some way to make profit from it, the first small k is to want to take off the database directly, log on to the platform players account background modified data and then withdraw to their own card, but the withdrawal system is human review, large turnover must be not so easy, so we have to find a way to bet from fake data, finally came out from the un to many arbitrage liangsanbaiwan, probably took less than a week, but a week later discovered by platform we left by the back door, but once asked a hacker got something of value can only leave a back door?ha ha, the next thing is more wonderful!

the hacker

we had actually is not only entered the un community background, but also in their server, the server also left a heap of hidden in the back door, then some of the ways to keep the back door is our unique and is triggered, the general operations staff not found, is left for later use, hands late so we did a few times but platform was wiser and withdrawal audit time will always find us, a few days to do this, friends decided to platform of petulance showdown thoroughly, get some"protection money"come on, we quietly stopped platform backup server, and deleted all the data on the backup server, finally we take the primary supreme authority, all the data moved to disk c, the next step is to negotiate with the platform.

small k compared to them, then contact the platform the personnel of the service by small k, customer service and what gave us a supervisor's contact information, the last little k and the head of negotiations, the offer of 200 w, if within an hour less than money, for formatting data, who know the director thought we scare him, the small k directly to the blocked, the move to provoke us, then we are not so short of money, the excitement will un community server formatted, may be the head of thought and backup server so so good!indeed as expected later that platform with several qq we, we are a slip-up didn't leave a backup down their own, so they even willing to give money at that time we cannot give them the data, thus the un community platform thoroughly collapse!!!!!!!!!!!

network gambling scam

through the hacking, small make up to tell you these you don't know in the internet gambling"pit"

the first:platform background settings have change single function, and the function is complete, not only can change your order content, but also can change the position of you buy, for example, if you play in chongqing always color, you buy three"after", but the lottery platform will delay a few seconds after the lottery can put your order into three"before", and the platform to make money, but from the database is also can see a lot of change to a single record, was the first internet gambling"hole";<br/>

#2:some people have a lot of money on their accounts, but the reality of the platform is frozen, which means that people can only play games but can't make withdrawals, which is the second"pit"in the online gambling.

the third:look from the data analysis, the platform delete many accounts, and has a balance, and most of them are relatively large, small k told us these data platform should be"black".

today small write the main purpose of this article is to advise those gamblers, don't wishful thinking rich, everything in the banker's control, nobody tube you may win some money, but you win more try?i know several things about similar incidents, and i will tell you more about them later.


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