on the date of the day apple xiaomi xiaomi who laughed the last?

summary:this year's double eleven day mobile phone category list, still by the apple, glory and millet to play the protagonist, but there are also some new faces......

in the clock just across the zero point on november 12 a few minutes later, under the"double 11"customized page, the annual shopping carnival is also"basic"is marked by a full stop.

why use"basic"? because after the end of the day on november 11, there are still many products to"return"in the name, to extend the deadline.the jingdong mall also hit the"seize the last opportunity to continue to buy buy,"slogan, the extension of the deadline for a day until the end of november 12 early in the morning.

in the past 24 hours, released from various appliance platforms the data, fully reflects the terrorist purchasing power.for example, the 11th second in the early morning of november 11, the turnover of lynx double xi exceeded 100 million yuan.thirteen hours later, the transaction volume has reached 120.7 billion yuan, more than the data of the whole year last year.

so when the clock is fixed on november 11 at 23:59:59, who is the final winner? with lynx mall and jingdong mall release list, look together.jingdong mall released from the november 11 mobile phone sales rankings that day, glory, millet, apple occupy the top three positions, the basic it is also not so exciting that everyone is not expecting"dark horse".

but in the fourth to tenth place in the battle, a lot of"unexpected".for example, both vivo and oppo brothers did not appear in the top five positions in the list, the former ranked seventh, while the latter at the bottom of the list position.in addition, although this year samsung has brought a new s8 and note 8 series, but the ranking point of view, is not satisfactory, ranked second to last.of course, some people are happy people worry about the results given in the above list meizu and 360 mobile phones, in the performance of double eleven this day enough dazzling, hand in hand into the top five in the list.in addition, hit the blackboard, we will look to the eyes of the eighth place in the list.yes, teacher luo hammer cell phone in the double eleven shopping festival, the success of the list, and sales force pressure samsung, oppo two vendors.specific to a single product sales point of view, in addition to the apple iphone 8 plus, the honor and millet swept the remaining nine seats.among them, there are five models of glory into the list, while the millet is four, glory play 6, glory 8 youth edition and red rice note5a breakdown of the top three.

due to the various brands of the main selling price of the shipments vary , so in the sales list given in jingdong, although the list of the brand list is still the number of brand sales in the list, but there have been some changes in the rankings.specifically, the top three, glory sales still in the first place, but apple surpassed the millet, came second.in addition, the overall sales are not dazzling samsung, in terms of sales, also living in the more front position.the good sales of meizu and 360 mobile phones, the sales figures on the performance, not satisfactory, ranked in the bottom position of the list.

simply to make a summary:jingdong mall on these two lists on the single data, the biggest winner on november 11 was undoubtedly the huawei+glory brand, both ahead of xiaomi and apple in both sales and sales.

lynx mall phone category list

due to the different e-commerce platform user groups vary in lynx mall gives the brand sales list, you can see, although the top three brand names did not change, but the rankings are different.comparison of data given by jd.com, millet is still in the second place, but apple will make the ranking of glory made a tune.in addition, mito phone squeezed into the list, 360 mobile phone is out of the list.similarly, we come to see everyone in lynx mall, pay the largest number of a single product.jingdong compared to the statistical results of this data, lynx mall released a list of single-product sales, is no longer the glory and millet duo turn.specifically, the top ten rankings, apple occupy half of the quota, and the remaining five seats, millet occupy 3, glory 2.among them, iphone 8 plus and iphone 8 ranked first, second and third won by the red rice 4a.as for the brand sales rankings, apple is no suspense came in first place , while millet and glory are divided into two or three, which is also consistent with their respective sales rankings.it is worth mentioning that, in lynx mall brand sales amount list, the hammer cell phone dropped out of the list, replaced by the nubian mobile phone.

integrated jingdong mall and lynx mall given the brand sales, a single product sales and brand sales three list data, this year's double eleven shopping carnival, the protagonist is still apple, millet, huawei+glory brand.

since neither platform gave accurate statistics, it is not possible to determine exactly who the top three brands sold most on november 11 this day.however, given the list given by the ranking point of view, taking into account the glory and huawei in the two platforms corresponding to the rankings, the overall sales of the two should be more than millet, but more than apple, can only say that most likely, the overall brand sales also empathy.

(editor:rubberso source:jingdong mall, tmall headline source:visual china)

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