why do so many cars do not do etc?

the biggest reason for not doing etc is nothing more than two, for etc need to open a credit card and most people can not run a few times a year high-speed, on the other hand is not provided invoice.coupled with a device in front, many people are ugly refused, moreover, this stuff is not free, more than 200 pieces of the ocean properly, of course, there are a variety of free concessions.with the development of science and technology, everything focuses on artificial intelligence, can not replace the machine by hand, after all, the machine can work 24 hours.as for the etc, i think everyone is familiar with it.when it goes high speed, it will find such a channel, often with long lines of artificial channels next to it.however, there are few etc channels.at this point, we all have questions about why the etc is so convenient , it seems that penetration is not high ah.

i just read the previous answer, what is the problem of replenishment, there is still the concept of prepaid trouble? nonexistent.in fact, for those who take high speed, there are no more than two types.one is that vehicles are often run east by west and others are vehicles for various services.however, for those who run for business, etc does not provide invoices, then talk about how to reimbursement, not money out of their own, although the artificial channel crowded, also vowed need to squeeze in the past, then why do etc?

but as long as it will run at high speed, it is very necessary to do.

1.save time.often a long row of artificial place team, etc as long as some car problems(such as no money) are all over the wind.2.do not have to prepare a lot of cash, do not worry about where to place zero.3 to reduce the chance of scratching the car.docked manual payment window and go out are potential scratch point, of course, the old manager will joke this.however, when the line of labor queuing to change the place garcija scraping that much, i have seen several times.of course, there is a more unkind argument, that is, by car, if people were borrowed the car, then a variety of running, the car was borrowed do not say, but also to help others pay tolls, this is really thankless, but this is not always happen, but this is also one reason.

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