zhao wei: female version of jiayue ting?

<2001> mr.wu jinglian once had the famous"lion roar"in 2001:

    < p> the illegal and illegal activities prevailing on the chinese stock market made the investors unprofitable.become a speculative paradise.some foreigners said that china's stock market is like a casino, and it is not standardized.inside the casino there are rules, such as you can not see the cards of others.and here we are, some people can look at other people's cards, you can cheat, you can engage in fraud.zuozhuang hype, manipulate the stock price this activity can be said to be culminating.

jiayue ting and zhao wei are"people.letv rely on the current year was bribery, broke the media broke the news recently issued a number of commissioners because of music has been taken coercive measures;</p>< p> in july of this year cctv broadcast the feature film"music as a business failure or suspected fraud", directed at the music as alleged financial fraud, false statements.in fact, part of the content is already black-and-white fact:he promised to reduce the cash of 5.7 billion yuan cash to publicly listed company letv, but only completed 2.071 billion, but actually also secretly early recovery.this is not naked illegal? until today, jia yueting is still excited:"i have a plan to return to the point of time, but at present the primary task is to complete the ff round of financing, for the time being will not return because debt disputes will involve their own, may have restrictions on its exit and the impact of high consumption.once you return to the united states after the inability to come, ff's financing is gone, collapse."oh, even people"escape"can give such a"noble reason", skill is unusual.

if the"guilt"of"jabusi"jia youting has not yet fallen set, then the"goddess"zhao wei has emerged prototype.on november 8, the csrc planned to impose administrative punishment and market on wanjia culture, longwei media and relevant responsible persons kong deyong, huang youlong(zhao wei's husband), zhao wei and zhao zheng according to law.banned.

the chinese stock market has a great invention called"capital operations,""capital operation"is a fig leaf.many of the behaviors that walk around the edge of the law are preached as"superb financial skills.""capital operation"has become the main scythe for cutting leeks.jiayue pavilion is the capital of the top ten players, zhao wei couples are top players:

    < p> december 2016 wanjia culture's largest shareholder wanjia group announced that 29.135% of the shares of listed companies price 30.6 100 million transferred to the long wei media, the actual controller will be changed from kong deyong to zhao wei;< p> long wei media 3.06 billion funding sources, to the shareholders zhao wei loan 60 million yuan to the third party tibet silver will be letter asset management co., ltd.borrowed 1.5 billion yuan to pledge financing of financial institutions about 1.5 billion yuan of stock;</p>< p> shareholders zhao wei's 60 million self-owned funds, the deal achieved 51 times high leverage acquisition.longwei media, named after the couple of huang youlong and zhao wei, was established on november 2, 2016 with a registered capital of 2 million yuan.it has not yet been fully paid up and has not carried out actual business activities.its total assets, net assets, operating income, net profit both of which were zero; after the media questioned the plan of"empty gloves and white wolf", the matter of controlling share transfer changed continuously from a transfer of controlling right to a 5% equity transfer and then terminated completely equity transfer;< img src="http://p3.pstatp.com/large/46cd000334ee402bcac9"/></p>
    & lt; p& gt; , although the eventual failure to complete the acquisition, but the consequences have been cast:10,000 culture suspension november 28, 2016(stock price of 18.83 yuan), january 12, 2017 resumption of trading, the 10,000 cultural four trading days rose to 25.00 yuan, or up 32.77%.on february 8, 2017, 10,000 cultures were suspended again(the stock price was 20.13 yuan), and the share transfer ratio was changed from 29.135% to 5%.resumption of trading on february 16, 2017, the stock price plunged.april 1, 2017 wanjia culture bulletin"release agreement", the stock continued to decline.june 2, 2017, wanjia culture shares fell to the lowest point of 8.85 yuan.& lt; img src="http://p3.pstatp.com/large/46cb0004bad052ddd807"& gt;</p& gt;

market forbidden advance notice", zhao wei couple"guilt"is as follows:

    < p> long wei media through wan culture disclosed in the january 12, 2017, february 16, 2017 announcement there is a false record of information, misleading statements and material omissions.long wei media in its own lack of funds to prepare, the relevant financial institutions pending approval pending the existence of great uncertainty in the case of the shell company to buy a listed company, and rashly to be announced, the market and investors have serious misleading.longwei media has false records and major omissions on the information disclosure of the financing plans and arrangements; did not disclose the financing cooperation with the financial institutions in a timely manner; there was a material omission in the disclosure of the reasons for the failure to complete the financing plans on schedule;
      < p> long wei media ordered the correction, given a warning and department 600,000 yuan fine, responsible person huang youlong, zhao wei, zhao zheng give a warning, and impose a fine of 300,000 yuan.at the same time, kong deyong, huang youlong, zhao wei, respectively, to take 5 years banned securities market measures.</p>

    but things are not over.investors who have been traded stock losses because of"fraudulent"statements by their husband and wife zhao wei can file a lawsuit against them and claim civil compensation.in fact, zhao wei should thank the chinese stock market for not having a"class action law"system, otherwise the outcome will be miserable.

    zhao wei is not the first taste of"capital operation", if not the"accidental miss","female buffett"i do not know how long the leather still blowing.

      < p> that's right, the couple zhao wei really rich.public information shows that zhao wei and her husband huang youlong holds the shares of golden baby holdings, shun long holdings, yunfeng finance and other listed companies.by the end of 2016, the market capitalization of these stocks was about 4.522 billion yuan.in addition, the value of real estate held by zhao wei couples is about 660 million yuan, and the value of other equity investments is about 318 million yuan.the rest of the wine trade, 4s shops, film and television business assets together amount to about 157 million yuan.all together, zhao wei couples total assets of about 5.7 billion.however, the origins of the money are not so"sunshine":

        < p> huang youlong is still a mysterious"unknown origin"mystery.how his billions worth has accumulated, has been silent.to"villain"in the heart of the heart, but who are embarrassed to tell their own history of the rich, are questionable;

        to put it bluntly, zhao wei couples financial skills at the heart of the husband and wife with the"double spring":zhao wei contributions is the celebrity effect, huang youlong contribution is the businessman means.so far, zhao wei couples make money by the"circle of friends",

      not god buffett's philosophy of value investing.in december 2014, the couple bought more than 1.93 billion shares of alibaba pictures at a price of hk$3.1bn at an average price of hk$1.6 per share, making them the second largest shareholder in alipay.the following year in april, zhao wei couple 3.9 hong kong dollars per share, reducing 256 million shares of ali pictures, cash of about 1 billion hong kong dollar.in may 2015, huang youlong and shi yuzhu, ma yun, yu feng and other companies jointly subscribed to the shares of the swiss east group, in june the stock rose more than the opening day 150%, shaking the hong kong stock market.</p>

    why is not such a profitable opportunity to hit me? the key is zhao wei's friends circle too force:june 5, 2014, alibaba group 1.2 billion stake in guangzhou hengda football club 50% stake after the capital increase.ma yun friend, zhao wei huang long with her husband appeared at the conference site;< img src="http://p1.pstatp.com/large/46cd00033593725ffdf0"/></p>

    & lt; p& gt; in may 2013, shi yuzhu visited the winery under the leadership of microblogging"zhao wei's close comrade-in-arms";& lt;/p>< p> ; in a book published in 2014 entitled"close rangers ma yun", 12 individuals including shi yuzhu, feng lun, ren zhiqiang, liu yonghao, jiang nanchun and zhao wei described in detail from different angles perception.zhao wei is one of the only entertainment star.& lt; img src="http://p3.pstatp.com/large/46cc0004cf81b18b1329"/& gt;& lt;/p>

zhao wei used 3600 words to describe himself ma eyes in the eyes, including jack ma's clothing appearance, treat people, temper temperament.it is not difficult to see the two characters in the line between the two very closely:zhao wei"to sing at ma home,"knowing that he"good at mongolia long-term adjustment"; ma is zhao wei's classmate invitations called immediately, and personally led zhao wei visit alibaba.

    < p> in september 2014, ali went to the united states and huang youlong also attended.80th birthday held by his father, according to legend, ma also appeared as a guest.< img src="http://p1.pstatp.com/large/46cd000335f3cc3eca95"/></p>

read here, the truth is already clear.there is no"female buffett"in china's stock market.there may be only jiayue ting.

liu shiyu, chairman of the securities regulatory commission once accused the stock market"victimization","goblins."only the fairy fairy tale, the chinese stock market will have the future, the chinese stock chives life will come to an end.yes, zhao wei, like jia yunting, has an international perspective:zhao wei has the right of temporary residence in hong kong and the permanent residency in singapore.said that we walk away......


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adhere to the truth of the economist, president of china institute of financial reform , participated in the prime minister economic symposium in 2014, one of the representatives of post-70 economists, and wrote"the next ten years".the sina weibo"liu shengjun reform"has 1.43 million fans.