ibm announces: the commercialization of quantum computer prototyping quantum computers has been accelerated

double eleven, when the chinese people have to buy a hand to buy mobile phone chop to 168.2 billion, a fate of the butterfly, in the united states suddenly launched its subversive wings!

this seemingly inconspicuous wings flapping, it is likely to be in the near future, causing shan hu tsunami giant earthquake! ibm just announced that it has successfully developed a quantum computer prototype that is accelerating the commercialization of quantum computers! yes, quantum computers that used to look out of reach were immediately at odds with humanity:quantum computers based on 20 qubits are available at the end of the year open to customers.

quantum computer prototype based on 50 qubits, laying the foundation for future ibm q systems.this is a huge quantum computer that spans 50 quantum bits, making it possible to perform a power of 2 operation of 50 in a single step, equal to 1125899906842000, or a thousand trillion calculations.that is to say, a desktop computer-sized quantum computer or the computing power of today's most advanced chinese tianhe-1 supercomputer.however, this is still only 50 accordance with the speed of development, very quick quantum computer supernatural powers, will be strong enough to make people fear.for example:to crack a commonly used rsa password system, with the current maximum, the best supercomputer to spend 600000 years, but with a considerable storage capabilities of the quantum computer, you only need to spend less than 3 hours! before the quantum computer, we used to be proud of the traditional electronic computer, equivalent to the previous abacus, appears bulky and ancient!


why the quantum computer so cattle? ultimately, lies in the quantum computers and traditional computers, the principles and paths used are completely different.

in the conventional computing unit of a conventional electronic computer, a bit has only a specific state at a specific moment, either 0 or 1.

quantum computers take advantage of quantum-specific"overlays"and take the form of parallel computations, the ultimate goal of which is to speed up exponentially.

to say this, it is estimated that many people have to get sick.within the senate to tell you a story right.

china has a parable, called"yang see the difference between the road and cry."yang zhu heard that there was a sheep lost in the road where the fork, do not know which way to look for, sad crying.the problem with traditional computer solutions is this kind of routine:only one path can be taken first, and then another path can not be reached, so the two paths can not be walked together.quantum computer, is not the same, it can be like a lot of sun wukong monkey king went a different way, engage in parallel computing.this is equivalent to a computer, suddenly transformed into tens of millions of taiwan calculator, at the same time started doing arithmetic.leap from the computer to the quantum computer, the entire human computing power, the ability to handle big data, there will be tens of millions or even billions of times to enhance.

whether production, research or daily life, the world will undergo a subversive change.


this is really a perfect match between man and woman! the successful development and commercialization of ibm quantum computer came just now:5g is mature and close to use, big data is also booming, artificial intelligence came to the close of the, when quantum computing and artificial intelligence are combined, then we might make the same result that nature never imagined.soon, a paragraph of cold quantum computer, will have the same self-learning and thinking ability, but also come back, but also kill the human spike.

a quantum computing+ai era will be much faster than the most radical imaging we've ever had.because both will appear positive feedback.

singularity is rapidly coming.quantum computer+artificial intelligence, will continue to iterate more advanced quantum computer+artificial intelligence, the slope of development will suddenly steep is quite possible that in the near future humans may be as weak and vulnerable as humans face human beings in the face of quantum computer+artificial intelligence.yes, from now on, quantum computing+artificial intelligence is no longer a science-fiction story, no longer a reading comprehension, no longer a news headline, no longer moving bytes and cpus in ethernet the weak soul, but the real fate.

terminator, finally coming! the future has come, leaving little time for humanity!

thousands of years of technology are making everything strong and fragile; where you can not see, the industry you are in, just as the earth collapsed, leaving only the island of liao liao in the lava.

at the moment, artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly in the direction we can and can not expect.five to ten years, artificial intelligence will surpass humanity completely!

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the famous scientist hawking, known as the"king of the universe"he believes that the most profound human impact so far has been the rise of artificial intelligence.he said the following things about artificial intelligence:

in my life, i witnessed many profound changes in of the deepest, but also the increasing impact on human beings is the rise of artificial intelligence.artificial intelligence may be the greatest event in the history of human civilization, it is either the best thing in human history or the worst.if we can not learn how to avoid the risk, then we will put ourselves in desperation.

the real risk of artificial intelligence is not its evil, but its power.a super-smart ai is excellent at accomplishing its goals, and if these goals are not in line with our goals, we're in trouble.therefore, the success of artificial intelligence may be the biggest event in the history of human civilization.but artificial intelligence may also be the end of the history of human civilization, unless we learn how to avoid danger.this is probably one of the important reasons iron man erlong musk and hawking have repeatedly called for vigilance on artificial intelligence.musk said:"we need to be extremely wary of artificial intelligence.they are more dangerous than nuclear weapons."today we have once again arrived at the door of destiny! artificial intelligence the most striking feature of this revolution is that it does not change what we do, it changes us.if the previous technological revolutions were mostly extensions and replacements of human organs and feet and other body organs, this artificial intelligence will become a substitute for human beings themselves.its impact on the family and even society as a whole will be more and more areas, artificial intelligence is rapidly surpassing humans.this also means that a large number of translators, reporters, cashiers, assistants, security guards, drivers, traders and customer service...may lose their original jobs in the near this regard, stanford professor kaplan made a statistics, the united states registered 720 jobs, 47% will be replaced by artificial china, this ratio may exceed a part of the historical process, the most important task in life is to"follow the direction of historical operation,"and do not be grudgingly killed by history.faced with artificial intelligence, we can not change the process of science and technology, but we can change ourselves, as well as the knowledge structure of our next generation.some scholars have analyzed, in the face of artificial intelligence step by step, you have three options:

either accumulate wealth and become a predictor of capital

accumulation of fame and become a unique individual accumulation of knowledge to become more mastery of technology

this is why recently, the state suddenly announced:2030 must seize the artificial smart global commanding point, but also set up artificial intelligence courses in primary and secondary schools!

the new era has been gradually asymptotic, we only have to consciously upgrade themselves, in order to catch up with the trend of the times!

come on!!!