i do not understand it on the black you really understand the delete function of wechat?

now people are very personal, in a nutshell to pull the black, delete, but you really understand the wechat delete function? first, the difference between black and delete

1, to receive messages

black:after being pulled black, the other can send you a message, but you can not send out, will show rejected.too stuck with wood, do not want to scold back.

delete:after being deleted, the other party can not send a message, and you sent message, there will be"send a friend verification"message.

2, contacts

pull black:automatic classification to the blacklist, find the way"settings-privacy-contacts blacklist."

delete:automatically disappear from each other's buddy list, but you still have him in the list exist.3, circle of friends permissions

pull black:both sides can not view their respective circle of friends.

delete:unless you open the"allow strangers to see ten friends circle,"or else can not see.

4, restore the relationship between friends

pull black:just remove the blacklist to each other.

delete:need to re-add, and the other agreed caixing.

5, chatting record:

pull black:keep chatting record on both sides

delete:the one that the initiative deletes will lose all chatting record, the other party still keep.second, why there is such a setting 1, address book

address book is their own exclusive, just like the phone contacts, you can feel free add, delete any person, do not need to seek advice from others.similarly, wechat's address book is only at their disposal, so long as you do not take the initiative to clean up, even if you are no longer a good friend of each other, he is still in your friends list.2, circle of friends

wechat fire is a very important reason because it is more emphasis on privacy than qq, mainly reflected in the circle of friends on the restrictions, the prerequisite for the circle of friends is"friend", and must be a common friend, whether it is black or delete, one party that the other is no longer a friend, so you can not see their circle of friends.

whether it is black or deleted, are very hurt feelings in the month black and windy, the dead of night, there is no silent remembered that he had been deleted, want to see chatting no way, can only silent speech? wrong, there are still ways to remedy.3, restore friends

1, delete the recovery of friends

for friends who have been deleted, we can only rely on the powerful android recovery wizard software to find out.(apple users can use powerful apple recovery wizard, the same effect) check chats, want to add to quickly add it back.face a few things worth a few things.

2, pull the black friend recovery method

but if it's easier than just pulling it out, just move it out of the blacklist.

what you say is the other side of you, do not be sad, there are ways.

as long as you have a mutual good friend.then let him create a wechat discussion group and pull you in.then, transfer the group owner, click on the button in the upper right corner of the wechat discussion group, select the"group management"-"group management transfer", let you be a leader.

finished doing a friend on the flash people, then the group left you two a, want to say anything to quickly say it.

treat your friends, or to be more tolerant, however, for those who sell products every day the delete delete it.

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