why do small businesses do not want to use small business to pay a small letter but do not like to pay treasure?

the fight between alipay and wechat has never stopped! recently i went to a chain of restaurants to eat, we found that we only use micro-channel payment, the boss only micro-channel payment! at that time i wonder, why not use alipay it? because the author for this piece of spending, has always been only alipay, and then asked the boss, alipay payment you can do, he said:and then sweep the code! the next awkward thing happened:

turn on the phone, click pay alipay, open payment code, scan code, and then is waiting, waiting! after 10 seconds i asked:hello, this payment is good? he said, wait another 10 seconds and i say hello again? not good, so they are waiting! wait a full 5 minutes ah, have not completed the payment! here xiaobian yet temper it, the store down the sentence:alipay you alone, wasted so long the system has not yet reacted! my temper, at the time like a furious, your own home system you can not complain about customers ah, there is such a business? however, i have a culture of good quality young people, smiled slightly ignored, and other systems had to respond to the use of micro-channel payment, a full 10 minutes of consumption, the back of the customers are waiting anxious! not only that, i found a lot of offline small traders, shops, supermarkets, etc.

wechat are supported, and the frequency of payment with wechat is much higher than alipay! what is the reason? most likely for several reasons:

    < p> wechat pays for users from social networks:wechat has more than 600 million users and a daily live volume of over 100 million.users can pay for the day but not for a day wechat, wechat payment sticky than alipay.&p>< p>< p>< p> wechat payments are quick and simple, they are always used in daily life, they are always kept in memory, the app is instantly open, there is no delay when paying, and alipay can be a little bit slower others waiting!</p>< p> for supermarket stores, especially small business hawkers, it's enough for them to chat with wechat and pay for the collection.they do not need trouble to open alipay.

    in fact, wechat payments and alipay are not in constant competition because alipay can be seen from the name, it is a professional payment, the slogan is a professional payment, but wechat payment is different, although it is paid, but it is relying on the wechat!

    i prefer to spend with alipay, with micro-channel chat! after all, alipay is a professional payment software, you can recharge the phone bill, pay the water bill, buy a ticket, there are flowers by chanting, especially alipay transfer function is very convenient, the most powerful alipay bills, to check out the end of the month, a key to open can easily access, extremely convenient!

    turnip cabbage have their own love, for their own is the best!

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