do this wifi instantly fast times do not believe you try!

as the saying goes is iron, rice is steel, wifi is the pro-mother, but you have not found, wifi signal full grid, but the speed is always"turtle speed"today, the small hall to tell you

how to make wifi instant fast up!


wifi signal congestion

when accessing the network via wifi, just like listening to a radio station, using a fixed frequency radio band, so how many similar signals are emitted around the location, receiving the device will have a great impact on the use of wifi experience.

"if you live in a central apartment building in the center of the city, and there are hundreds of wireless networks in the apartment building, it's almost the worst use of wifi."

the device can not send and receive data at the same time

wifi signal can not send and receive data at the same time, which makes this network access method than other ways to produce more data delay phenomenon.of course, many people also use the same wifi will greatly affect the wifi signal strength.

in addition, if you are in a network of abundant areas, your router will continue to find the best network channel, which also will produce a network delay phenomenon, and this is not a broadband operator can solve the problem.

natural defects

no matter how much improvement in wifi technology will be, wireless connectivity will also be difficult to exceed the existing wired internet access model.wifi will not completely replace the wired internet connection, it is just a more convenient networking solution.

whether your software is automatically synchronized data and photos, because it will greatly affect the user's wifi speed.and, because most of these applications are quietly working in the background, so many users simply can not remember their existence.

the location of the wireless router for the signal strength has a very big impact.for example, if you put the router on a cement wall, the signal strength will be greatly reduced.

if your iphone 3g

wifi connection speed without iphone 6 fast, do not be surprised, because the wifi connection speed with the connection device information processing speed also has a great relationship.

① to upgrade their own router equipment that can support both 2.4ghz and 5ghz frequency dual-band router.but it should be noted that, 5ghz frequency signal through the wall capacity of less than 2.4ghz, and there are many older devices do not support this wifi frequency.

② through the channel viewer to find the region's wifi channel usage, and then select a more smooth channel to use.

if you have an idle wireless router on hand, consider using wireless signal relay, or zoom in to enhance the indoor wifi signal strength.

if your router has high power and low power options such as different power options, usually low power use program will have a better wifi signal strength.

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