do not shut down the computer when not in use? now know that the computer does not need to shut down

this week's computer skills, find the teacher to teach you a very important work to improve the efficiency of the computer skills:replace the shutdown with dormancy.

why use hibernation instead of shut down? we look at microsoft's definition and interpretation of dormancy:

"hibernate"is a power-saving state that is primarily designed for portable computers.dormancy saves open documents and programs on your hard drive and then shuts down your all power-saving states used by windows, the amount of power used for hibernation is minimal(even after a full power failure).for a portable computer, you should use hibernation if you know that it will not be used for a long time and you can not charge the battery during that fact, we can see from here, the shutdown is actually a kind of sleep, if we have been used win7 win8 and win10, we will find, starting from the win8, win system to speed up a lot of time, the key also here.

therefore, when running the computer, if you need to leave or for a long time no longer like a computer, we can choose to sleep.for example, if you open a lot of programs, you shut down and then restart, you need a computer system to start and optimize the time, but also need to restart these procedures.but if you choose to sleep, the computer will stop all work, the computer is almost no longer sleep after power, it seems almost the same with the shutdown, even if you unplug the battery or completely power failure has no effect, but as long as you from the sleep , before the open all the procedures can be used normally, the efficiency than the shutdown-boot-open the program to 2-3 times faster!

how do you set up hibernation?

take the desktop as an example, first enter the control panel, and then find the hardware and sound-power options-select/change the power button function, or if it is win10 system, then directly in the lower left corner of the west input"power"to return.

then set the"item when the power button"is set to sleep.

if you are a laptop or a computer with your own battery, you can"close the lid when the corresponding item is set to"sleep", the other need to pay attention to, notebook is connected to power or not connected to the power(that is, with the battery) when the two cases.

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