miss dong bent to build a car! car is not listed car first fire! good car lattice made!

everyone heard of gree long ago want to make their own car, netizens have said that is not optimistic, causing a lot of consumption cynical.dong ming-zhu, miss dong, is indeed a practitioner, regardless of the evaluation of the outside world, but also a lot of money,(joint wanda boss wang jianlin and other commercial gangs raised 3 billion stake in zhuhai yinlong), zhuhai yinlong latest construction of new energy electric vehicles have officially officially unveiled!

the phone is known as 3 years do not change, the quality is very good, and now miss dong's realization of the car dream! in this regard, more than 9% of users have expressed support for miss dong! how to make the car?

new car main new energy-based, the appearance is still very nice! now the most car models in the domestic car than the suv models, so positioned above the suv, set the initial price or in the 13-15 million.

the new car design is very masculine domineering, one by one looked at the shadow of prado, rather than the general city of suv look like.using the toyota lu patrol straight waterfall chrome interval grille, because it is pure electric car reasons, the air grille is just a decoration only.

size for the new car body size 447 * 1870 * 1828mm, wheelbase to 2790mm.surrounded by windows and doors are decorated with silver chrome, but also equipped with a black pedal.

the car in the power, equipped with a power of 45kw permanent magnet synchronous motor, the battery used titanium acid lithium battery pack, the maximum mileage is greater than 200km.its maximum speed of 120km/h.vehicle quality is 1840gk.dong mingzhu has released rhetoric,"the future of the battery technology will achieve 6 minutes fast charge", life will be

this pure electric suv regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter can achieve 200km battery life, charge resistance low is also a major highlight of this car, according to the relevant people said that this suv in 5 minutes will be able to fill.

in the long term, new energy is really the trend.for dong mingzhu repairer, tell the truth xiaobian is also skeptical, the new energy car into unsuccessful is one thing, as the upward independent brand always need to try it.gree cars are a good thing, should be encouraged, after all, the road is still very long however, this is not, the car was burst, the network will set off a great uproar, and most of the people concerned.

but it is the car's car standard, the people believe that melon, always thought that miss dong to build electric cars will be linked to grid standard, like gree mobile phone.

even if the board does not agree, zhuhai yinlong's passenger mark also can accept, for the wool to be welded a flower up? has blown the hair of the netizen said that this is not"five rings"it? in this regard, all the friends suddenly kneel-this flower is too casual, too frivolous, too funny!

p> although not clear dong ji for the car's meaning, but from the models which can be seen, dong jie gree for the prospects for the car is quite confident.

from the new energy bus to the pickup, suv, and then to the sedan chair, as if a comprehensive development of the situation, and the car factory advertising slogan has been released, and gree air-conditioning,"good car,"dong mingzhu has said more than once, hoping to come home from home to start a new energy car gree, on the road out of the gree mobile phone remote control of home life of various types of electrical appliances.i hope this car can be listed as soon as possible for the chinese people to catch up with the world's leading manufacturers and efforts to make people proud to open domestic.

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