jingdong staff at the banquet please leave the pregnancy did not expect liu qiang east will answer

many people understand liu qiangdong, only know that he is the founder of jingdong, and the mother of milk tea sister.and the grass and the boss of the character does not understand, today to talk about what kind of liu qiang east! liu qiang east in jingdong has an unwritten rule, that is, every month will be please take a department and then invite all the staff of this department to eat.today, at the liu qiang east banquet on a female employee due to accidental pregnancy to liu qiangdong please pregnancy leave, did not expect liu qiang dong's answer was amazing.

liu qiang dong heard that the staff was pregnant, happy to say to you that you do not drink"wine", congratulations and congratulations.

and happy to say that today there are two old colleagues told me this good news, so that everyone will smile

for employees, please leave the fake liu qiang east said:"sometimes do not think that one day is gone, the whole department on the scattered, i am in the united states eight months the company did not san ah!

internal rules, you can rest, we have two old employees off a year, are made a great contribution to the company"!


"you also on the peace of mind, the rest of the rest, the leave leave.

liu qiang dong some rhetoric, so that employees moved, did not think of the body liu qiangdong high position on the staff's request and did not imagine the strict.this is still that they are blind face, do not know the beauty of tea sister looks beautiful liu qiang east!

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