it people after watching the night after the fierce doubts? the


this stupid little fat man, the use of hacker skills

invasion of traffic monitoring and security monitoring system


whether it is security monitoring or traffic monitoring, he was broken

see this, i have a question

p> really so easy?">

fat said these encryption ah, authentication ah, authorized ah

we do not get to the right mistakes

after all, tv

traffic monitoring and security monitoring, p>

however, when i see the security camera in the corridor

immediately not calmly, but when i see the security camera in the corridor.


i removed this camera

change the wireless ap, or straight through the head, or directly connected to the computer

even more, you can also be more simple and rude

grip the cable together...

this, the original physical isolation, impeccable"private network"

easily connected, and then

hackers want to go directly to the security monitoring data center, not easy

but the camera, accessible, everywhere


the most effective, the most effective invasion of

it seems that they are able to give some of these things

but this is not so easy to settle

it's easy to think about it.

so it's easy to think about it.

> ↓

① security monitoring areas, which are currently the mainstream, innovative products or programs to prevent intrusion and ensure security?

② security monitoring field, what good post-operation and maintenance products, can be scattered in the poles, corners of the nook, all directions monitoring terminal optimistic,

welcome to your message

put your home program out

give you a selection reference, thank you

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