foreigners in the eyes of japan incredible things and the islanders have long been accustomed to

foreign employees who have recently worked at the buzzfeed website in japan have written a 20-year-old incredible thing in japan with a personal experience! take a look at~

no.1 the world's most advanced robot country, even in the widespread use of fax machines.


no.2 compared to the convenient signature, they prefer to use the seal.

no.3 japan almost all things, there will be independent small package.

no.4 unless you say no, or everything will give you put on plastic bags, including umbrellas.(in china is not it?)

no.5 compared to in the united states , every five minutes will be someone to ask you how the dishes, the japanese restaurant unless you call the waiter, or they will not appear japan, there are corn on the pizza, potatoes, shrimp, pizza, pizza, pizza, the united states is a matter of course.

no.7 so far can not understand why the japanese particularly like the united states nai zi combination with corn.(in fact, like jun feel very good)

no.8 in japan at night, often can be drunk to the office workers, in fact, japan is safe, so they do not seem to worry about being robbed.

no.9 regardless of the city or the countryside, the basic can not find the trash , but the road is super clean.(deep experience!)

no.10 eat grapes must be stripped skin.(do you eat grapes do not peel?)

no.11 actually there specifically for men to eat pocky.

no.12 atm machine still have a break time.

no.13 swimming pool every 1 hour will have 10 minutes forced rest time.

no.14 for their sunscreen will dress like japanese ninja same.(like the domestic sister is also)

no.15 often see japan my colleagues are on the desk.(is it not too hard for overtime?)


no.16 air conditioning settings the temperature is very high.

no.17 japan's fruit expensive outrageous!(this box about 600 yuan, an average of about 50 strawberry)

no.18 when the cold(or too lazy make-up) wear a mask is a courtesy.

in the election period, the car aoao called, in japan is completely legal.

no.20 must stop the japanese back into the garage, if you look to the front of the head, it is likely to be foreigners.

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