how important is the micro-letterhead? since the change of the head of the wechat no longer heard

are you too important? very important!

img src="">

one day for the following these pictures

may no longer find someone!


pro-test, since i changed this picture after no one to find me

not a few days, i was deleted......


later, i changed this

then renamed the file transfer assistant

every day i feel busy with the business! the the

p> name changed to"my computer"

and then every day will receive a variety of strange files

of course

also old friends want to pull me black...


in order to be close to the elders

i changed the following avatar

after changing the head is usually not associated with the uncle aunt

are looking for me chat


one day downstairs to see a luxury car

secretly to a shadow

and then made into the picture

made a word has not yet shown

even praise the number of

was flattered!

somewhere, the head for me

opened up a sister road<


my friends always thought that the addition of pig feed to the micro-business.....


friends, just before i was kicked out of the group

......although i never said


if the other party does not set the chat background

you basically invisible

do not believe you see ↓


change after the avatar, the same night

there were four or five loopholes let me get rid of

the reason is too ugly, they want to delete my friends

the picture is as follows ↓

my mom made the first time too ugly

i do not believe!

i'm going to ask someone else!


reveal full of single dog atmosphere


of course

for more"play fine"

may change for 100 times no one attention


do not say, xiao shao first change the head of the......


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