just now baidu network disk can not be used temporarily!

just because of the work needs, easily open baidu network disk, but found that there was a blank page, which reads a line of words:

, did not come from think of the thunder before the cloud and 360 cloud to the past.

as we all know, since the launch of baidu cloud disk, people a kind of towering image, with a very sense of security, so the author and the author of the small partners are very confident that some of their own things stored in the above, in case of need to download the use.

360 cloud disk and thunder cloud disk products are still baidu before, even before the market share and strength is also comparable with baidu, but they are still extremely suddenly"fall", and not do not say the disk market situation unpredictable.

hope this is just a normal product upgrade, after all, there are some good things stored in the above, and later really need such a product.

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