china so that foreigners envy not only have high-iron-like black technology still see ignorant foreigners!

recently, china's high-speed rail"revival"of the official operation, means that china has become the fastest high-speed rail operation of the country.xiaobian heard the news is also quite excited, so in minutes and sort out the following staggering nuts of china's"black technology":

1.intelligent sorting robot

is the above these run to go yellow gadgets.just like the small yellow factory of gruul! these robots are called"intelligent courier robot sorting system", the small robot in the upper will sweep after the destination automatically calculated according to the route delivery parcel, encountered traffic jams will automatically stop, arrived at the mouth will set off the yellow tray will be wrapped to the lower receiving area.

it is understood that 700 small robots 10 hours to automatically sort 200,000 parcels, greatly reducing the human wear and tear.if the halfway is almost no electricity, but also obediently run their own charge~ 6 not 6~?

you need to cry!"

new zealand users:"new zealand is also the introduction of it!"

new zealand users:"new zealand is also the introduction of it!"the last time i bought a thing from the town to spend time longer than the time spent buying from china!!"

2.mosquito net

what kind of black technology do you say? keke, tell you wow, dexterous friends do not have this kind of the mosque known for rio held the olympic games, other countries athletes are really trying to find ways to repel, only witty chinese women with a mysterious oriental weapons-mosquito nets.

foreign media to see this thing was simply stunned, directly called"national magic", and even foreign friends to ask the chinese players, want to buy a few such a white"china enchantment"; so the chinese team almost on the addition of a pair of mosquito nets, ask you 6 not 6?

3.rubber hot water bottle

small series have not been to a foreign country, really i do not know if crooked friends how to spend all winter, do not point in the classroom also a small stove the may be from the snack meat grow baby body strong, the first time to the crooked fruit basin friends to see this thing they actually thought that the whole cup with the"fart pad"......

i heard that chinese students in the class took out the mysterious plastic bags of hot water is also really stunned a small foreign partner, xiao bian really do not think this thing where the magic......

4.chinese magic shovel

this black technology shovel is also a big fire in foreign to put.

swiss army knife and this shovel compared to the function is simply too"single"the some of the rough statistics, the arsenal shovel at least 18 different basic functions, can replace 16 kinds of survival tools, including but not limited to shovel, digging, planing, hacking, cutting, cutting, sawing, buckets, hammers, hammers, hooks, flying claws, wrenches, oars, shields, etc......(of course you are still a shovel...), of course, if you are willing to take it as a[/p]


"if you want, you can also use it as a beep-""/>

the last thing to introduce this may be powerful.this thing is not casually can see, in the previous rural daoshi can often see this mysterious black technology weapons figure, it is its huge lethality ranked black technology list the high temperature flame burning, it can be in a short time to enlarge the rice 30-50 times, accompanied by a loud sound, boooooooom! the there is no one in the streets shouting fried rice hey~~~~~"

crisp and delicious.

okay, here today.

do you still know what fun black technology?

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