as long as the legs do not shake or boyfriend - the first across the yellow river d glass bridge! surprise not?

3d glass bridge

following zhangjiajie glass bridge, chongqing the world's first sky after the corridor, show good love and then you can enjoy the place to die, the test boyfriend has a new trick!"back i finish these glass trestle, i'll marry you", as long as the legs do not shake, or boyfriend!

today, to give you a description, is china's first across the yellow river 3d glass bridge, it across the surging yellow river, the audience 210 meters, only 10 meters from the river, in the yellow river and the cable against the background, the bridge seems to grow longer.width of 2.6 meters, four people staggered lying on top is not a problem.bridge from the river vertical height of 10 meters, the yellow river water at the foot so quietly flow.

when testing a boyfriend! glass cliff seems to have become a lot of scenic spots, no longer what is new! but built on the river glass bridge, i believe we must have not seen.has long been the national 5a scenic spots in ningxia zhongwei shapotou area, this time with 3d glass bridge, brush again burst friends circle!

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