where are you after? the next year so you earn a burst of emerging industries

from the invention of steam engines, generators, computers, and then to the wider application of the internet, technological progress has affected the major changes in productivity and production relations, the emergence of new industries, and promote social progress.

what new industries are worth looking forward to in the next 10 years? which industry can bring the most generous return?

is the trend of the times.the growth of public cloud and private cloud market is still go hand in hand, diversified business application ecosystem is more and more important; mainly concentrated in human resources, oa, crm, marketing, b2b commodity procurement and other fields; domestic cloud computing market is still in the bud stage, it giants have entered, the market cake is becoming more attractive."big data+"has penetrated into almost all industries, such as"big data+retail","big data+medical","big data+real estate""and many more.

3, virtual reality

the development of virtual reality prospects are imaginative, with a wide range of application space, such as games, movies, education, sports, interstellar exploration, medical and so on.

4, artificial intelligence

forecast 2024 artificial intelligence market size will grow to 11.1 billion us dollars.the next three to five years of intelligent tide will bring trillion market.3d graphics and its technology; 3d modeling and personalized custom design software; that is, 3d printing and education, medical and industrial 4.0 and other industries.

combined, is the next round of 3d technology investment hotspot

6, no technology


unmanned technology is currently mainly used in uav, unmanned vehicles and other fields.

7, robot

the future of the short term or long-term, robot industry investment opportunities, from industrial robots, collaborative robots to service robots have a very considerable market size.

8, new energy

lithium batteries, china's new energy automotive market, super capacitors and so on.

9, new materials

graphene, carbon fiber, new film materials, bio-based materials.

areas of high-end medical imaging; chain specialist hospitals such as women, assisted reproductive, ophthalmology, orthopedics, medical beauty, etc.; chain of third-party services such as health management, third-party diagnosis, etc.; first-tier cities with core technology and expert resources of high-end hospital wait.

11, medical equipment

with the robot, artificial intelligence and other advanced technology combined with high-end medical equipment; domestic innovative medical equipment; smart home medical equipment; existing mature medical equipment import substitution products.

12, biotechnology and life sciences

advanced gene sequencing and data analysis company; technology-driven biologics company; with gene sequencing interpretation, individualized combination of precision medical company; new biological treatment methods.

13, internet medical

medical and electrical platform; medical data analysis company; slow disease management/health management online platform; intelligent and wearable medical equipment.sports, intelligence-related intelligence hardware+data analysis software+can be diverted to the field of health care business companies;

focus on the public fitness of the internet fitness upstream and downstream companies.

the consumption habits gradually to the cultural and entertainment tilt.production of digital, fragmented, entertainment content from the media outbreak, will be a new generation of young users, triggering new business models and opportunities.

17, education

the education industry is still a gold mine for investment institutions.college entrance examination after the reform of quality education and examination-oriented education and training institutions; vocational education and training institutions and professional experience sharing platform; children's education and so on.