the original doctor and the patient separated by a small one robot

about the threat of artificial intelligence to human work, there is a"five second principle", that is, a work that would have been done by a person, and if the person could make a decision on the need for thinking and decision-making in the work within 5 seconds, then the job would have a great deal that could be made by artificial intelligence or partially replaced.for example, li kaifu predicts that people who work in translation, news reports, assistants, security, sales, customer service, accountants, drivers, transactions, home economics and so on will have about 90% of the people in the next decade.intelligent all or part of the replacement.

but kai-fu lee did not mention the occupation is not no danger, recently, the medical field to a new robot friend...

this time, small[/p]

is a relatively small market segment, but as the unit value of the highest service-oriented robot, it is the current development of hot spots.according to incomplete statistics, the market has nearly 40 medical robot enterprises, the amount of financing over 800 million the new network reported that by 2025 the output value of medical robots will reach 17 billion us dollars.

as we all know, doctors and patients supply and demand imbalance is a huge pain in china's medical situation.the emergence of medical robots, to a certain extent, improve the medical supply and efficiency.with china's access to the aging society, the demand for advanced medical robots will be greatly increased.

in the entrepreneur's view, medical robots are a broad concept, there are many different development present, the visible direction is:the robotic robot represented by da vinci's robot, the robot with the large data of watson robot, the robot, the medical image recognition robot represented by the arterys robot, and the robot represented by the single robot.interactive patient services robot and so on.

there are six types of

the one robot is the entrepreneurial project of the fruit team.she introduced a small one currently developed six different types of patients to serve the robot:

a-type physical robot:the hospital can be placed in the hospital lobby for patients with pre-consultation counseling, alternative counseling nurses jobs.

b-type physical robots:can be placed in the hospital ward, can provide consultation with hospitalized patients in the diagnosis and treatment, reduce the amount of hospital staff to reduce the amount of consultation.

type c entity robot:can be placed in a family doctor or a village doctor's clinic to provide a home doctor or a village doctor with a tool platform for a telemedicine consultation with a superior doctor.but also for family doctors or rural doctors to provide diagnosis and treatment counseling.

d-type physical robots:can be placed in the patient's home, to provide patients with daily health advice, treatment reminder, follow-up services, but also for patients and doctors, patients and family to establish a voice or video interaction service.

e-type virtual robot:the service object is a hospital or health service agencies, can support the hospital or the doctor on the target patient population tracking follow-up work.

the hospital or physician can develop follow-up plans and intervention programs; the robot can follow the doctor's request, through wechat or app, natural language dialogue, the target patient group for automatic follow-up; robot to assess the results of follow-up analysis, to meet the intervention program of the implementation of the intervention program, not satisfied to submit to the hospital or doctors and notify the hospital or doctors; hospitals or doctors can re-develop targeted intervention programs and start the implementation of the robot.

automatic follow-up robot set consultation and follow-up in one, increase the practicality and commonality of follow-up port, can be consulted and follow-up work together.

f-type virtual robot:can be used for hospital line drainage, consultation counseling customer service management work, can provide manual ontology manual or manual on-demand robot support in two ways.the robot can significantly reduce the number of customer service personnel, reduce the cost of artificial customer service, provide 7x24 all-weather customer service, improve customer service quality and efficiency.

the key is to imitate the doctor's intention

just look at the small one of each robot, it seems to have similar product.some physical robots, such as some medical practitioners, have even entered some hospitals, and some weak interdisciplinary systems have also been run in some hospitals.however, in the fruit that the small one and these similar products is still a big difference, the biggest advantage of small one is the robot's brain capacity of the software.

as we all know, robot software research and development is a continuous iteration of knowledge, continue to accumulate knowledge, and constantly upgrade the system's long-term process.after long-term research and development, the small robot has the initiative consciousness and thinking, can stand in the hospital or the doctor's point of view, simulate the hospital or the doctor's intention, and the patient in the barrier-free communication foundation, guides the patient into the best solution to the problem path.for example, a patient told the robot:"i am a high blood pressure, high blood sugar patients, what should i pay attention to in the diet?".robots in the rapid understanding of patients and answer the patient's problems at the same time, immediately enter the robot independent thinking mode, to determine the need to understand the following:

what is the topic of interest?

what are the personality traits?

what kind of mental activity?

what stage is the disease?

what has been done?

what is the purpose of helping patients?

what are the ways and ways?

how do you guide the topic?

what is the difference in medical treatment?

after a complex analysis, the robot will come up with the program:the patient selected an expert, appointment a face clinic."after the robot in accordance with the above program, the implementation and completion of this interaction with the patient and solve the problem of patients.

if the patient has a new problem or condition during the interaction, the robot will immediately enter the new mode of thinking, analyze the patient again, present the new plan and re-enter the new round with the patient interactive.

from the above example can be seen, the small one robot has developed to simulate the way people think, take the initiative to think or solve the problem of patients.

in the fruit,"the advantages of the small robot, in essence, comes from a high-capacity and stable team for many years of continuous technology research and development."one robot and other similar domestic robot in the software brain the difference in capacity is huge, on the surface at least 2-3 times the level of generation or 3-4 years of development time.

"we all know that the development of artificial intelligence products, especially the formation of a mature industry knowledge base and rule base, is the need for at least 5 years of research and development iterative development time, including part of the trial and error the use of these methods is only the use of these methods to support your research and development, not because of the use of these methods to support your research and development, not only because of the use of these methods to support your research and development, not because of the you used a theoretical approach, artificial intelligence knowledge base or rule base formed overnight."she added.

according to her long-term observation, the market similar to the robot products, basically are nearly a year or two began to develop.the robot team created by 2015 is still rare.but the current universal hardware robot supply chain market, but the development is very mature, and even to the extent of the need to produce capacity, the production of a universal humanoid robot products, as long as the payment within two months you can get a separate design of the shouban robot.

the market is similar to the small robot, but there are some, compared to these robots relatively small one robot, the biggest short board is too short development time.all belong to the early weak communication robot stage, these robots do not have the initiative consciousness or the thinking ability.although some hardware shape is perfect, but the software brain is not too many things, not too much professional logic and consistent language.basic third-party speech recognition software plus a keyword search small software, plus some decision tree if then statement.the interaction process is mainly through the keyword recognition to guide the patient to use the computer's computer screen button to fact, this type of robot can be seen as a humanoid mobile notebook.

for many of the domestic cloud follow-up system, said that the current domestic on-line cloud follow-up system is generally not satisfactory, the main reason is that follow-up itself is not a high frequency event, and follow-up also occupied patients time and the general participation of patients is not high, and some even follow the client removed from the addition, the current follow-up system on the market generally did not introduce the robot, the way is to push the questionnaire and the scale of patients, the form of traditional dull.patients in the answer to the questionnaire or scale, the probability of doubt will need to consult, but the follow-up client can not provide interaction.

the follow-up client is a new generation of robotic follow-up client that provides the patient with a set of recommendations, followed by an increase in the frequency of use of the client, increasing patient dependency on the follow-up client the the follow-up of the robot is a way of simulating the communication of the robot, abandoning the scale or the questionnaire, and guiding the patient to follow the steps step by the follow-up can also be counseling or q&a, follow-up in the consultation, in the follow-up can be consulted.

absolutely, the accuracy rate of more than 98%

in the fruit revealed that the small robot only the software brain development time more than 8 years, has a total of more than 300 medical experts and computer engineers involved in research and development work to attract and invest more than 60 million yuan r&d costs.

it is understood that the small one robot belongs to the company beijing more us horizon intelligent technology co., ltd.was established in august 2010.full-time and part-time r&d team of about 80-100 people, r&d personnel have graduated from well-known institutions such as(university of toronto, waterloo university, peking university, jilin university, tongji university) elite, but also from star companies such as oracle, of the experts; have accumulated a wealth of artificial intelligence software research and development experience of senior engineers, but also vibrant, the company for the home after 90 young people.

at the beginning of the r&d, the one robot had received strong support from the original shareholders.after the social investment into the next one robot in the r&d and the market is to get a lot of room and space.

the second phase of the meeting

in the fruit, the small patient service robot to answer the patient's question accuracy rate of 98% or participating in many professional medical conferences and interacting with many medical experts, it has received wide acclaim and recognition."some experts even jokingly said, saw the ability of a small robot show, only the real feeling that ma said the existence of the doctor crisis.

each of the robots of the small one is different from the use of the scene and the demand, resulting in the software and hardware development, production and sales of various aspects of the cost difference.the final sale price of each market about tens of thousands-hundreds of thousands of yuan range.

the little robot has started to market for the market and has a number of first batch of healthcare providers.the main target is b-end customers, such as hospitals at all levels, all kinds of health care institutions, pension agencies, health services and so on.

as for the acquisition cost of the one robot, the main cost is spent on making the majority of buyers understand the products and functions, including:participation in various medical industry conferences, visit potential customers, through various professional associations to help promote, with all kinds of control industry resources of the company or individual the fruit that, relative to the c-side product burn mode, the acquisition of a small robot is relatively small cost.

although the small robot's brain has made remarkable achievements, but in the next stage of the development of the difficulties and challenges or software brain.

the next step, the development of a small robot will be the depth of artificial intelligence development, will be in-depth research and development of self-discovery, self-improvement self-learning the same time, the company will gradually mature on the basis of the product, improve and expand the supply chain and sales service network, increase market coverage speed.of course, this is also the need for greater funding the fruit that the company has begun to start a new round of financing.