an emerging gray industry chain may have touched the law

according to friends made a message, a net pimp daily income, day 2790.many of them female anchor and pimp, snake head has a daily income of more than a thousand or even million!

familiar with what has been exploded to talk about it, a while ago a fire of the eel female anchor, do the live platform, the number of live platform? has been to countless! with the live video, social software, the outbreak of the network of bad trading channels have spread to the point where it is difficult to rule!

next to talk about the initial source of this industry chain, starting from the earliest placards, then the main gathering place is baidu post it.shooting are some cute items, pets, scenery, and then write on paper to put them together.occasionally there are some hands, clavicle, legs, eyes and other parts of the placards.most of the participants are also younger students, and the placards are basically free, but then gradually began to face more and more face, body lift, like this:

in this way to attract male fans, forming a large number of men to meet the needs of the license, with the now very popular african placards model is very similar.

later, slowly began to turn into the qq group, through the red envelope with a money trading, and thus snow-like development so far, now every day in the placards qq group in the daily dialogue is almost the same, do not know also thought that they entered the welfare group.

this placards qq group almost dozens of hundreds, the vast majority involved in bad transactions.the types of bad transactions generally have the following:

scale placards:that is, all kinds of large-scale posture placards photos.

pure picture:shoot good personal non-placards bad picture;

recorded video:their bad video recorded, can also be customized according to buyers preferences;

1v1:that is, through qq one-on-one video show, buyers can command.the the the the you know.

if a seller of this day if the normal advertising and orders, the daily income of the basic 300-500, powerful sellers or lucky words will be higher, it is said that some of the monthly income of thirty thousand.

small language:in the unscrupulous media and some individual intentions of the speculation, laughing poor do not laugh prostitution became a common problem in society, led some of the immature young people easy to fly small profits to sell themselves.what our social regulators should do is to promptly prohibit the signs of crime, to prevent the fall of minor, against the minor physical and mental behavior to be severely punished.for the future of the motherland to create a correct world view and values.

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