lei jun embarrassed the emergence of this small rice mobile phone rice really rivalry

perhaps in view of the success of apple's mobile phone, lei jun in the original intention of the creation of millet may be thinking, apple is a very common fruit, then take a millet well, millet is more common.ever since, millet technology turned out, and then later lei jun will be brought to the cost of rice on the road, millet has been in the pursuit of high with low prices!

although the practice of hunger marketing has been greatly denounced by users, but lei jun for china smart machine development has made a great thrust, and even qualcomm also said that if there is no millet, it is difficult to believe there will be equipped with qualcomm xiaolong 800 more than the processor phone, can sell about two thousand dollars! small millet phone in the mobile phone industry, is also divided into three components, but also to the three parts, one is the high-end machine, respectively, mix series and note series; the other is the end machine, such as millet 6, millet 5, millet 5s; the last one is low-end machines, such as red rice series.now suddenly jumped out of a rice phone, it is estimated that lei jun will be busy now!

it is said that the rice phone has been applied for registration success, the back of the logo is a rice icon , is really people can not laugh, speechless! actually let xiaobian speechless!

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