public security emergency reminder: more than the main group has been detained! kind of message do not send!

public security emergency reminder:more than the main group has been detained! 9 kinds of messages do not send! recently, the national internet information office issued the"internet group information service management regulations".

"(hereinafter referred to as"the provisions") the letter of the relevant person in charge of a reporter asked that"provisions"referred to as the internet group, refers to the micro-credit group, qq group, microblogging group, paste it group, strangers, and other types of internet groups."provisions"requirements, internet group builders, managers should perform group management responsibilities, that is,"who build group who is responsible""who manages who is responsible"to regulate group network behavior and information release, group members in the participation group group of information exchange, should abide by the relevant laws and regulations, civilized interaction, rational expression.

internet groups facilitate people's work and life, close the spiritual and cultural exchanges.but at the same time, some internet group information service providers to implement the management of the main responsibility is not responsible, part of the group manager responsibility is missing, resulting in pornography, violent terror, rumors fraud, pyramid selling gambling and other illegal information spread through the group spread, some criminals but also through the group to implement illegal activities, damage to citizens, legal persons and other organizations legitimate rights and interests, undermine social harmony and stability.this has not been more than the main group because of the neglect of the management of the group and the group was improper speech was processed.

micro-credit group has begun legislation, standardized management.any speech should bear the legal responsibility, especially the main group, so please the group of partners in the future micro-messages must pay attention to~

1, politically sensitive topics do not send

3, the so-called internal information is not issued

4, jurisprudence, drug-related, detonation, not send

5, the relevant 6, the military information is not issued

7, related to the state confidential documents do not send

8, the source of the united states, hong kong, macao and taiwan news not published before the official website is not issued

6, other information in violation of relevant laws and regulations do not send

case 1:micro-credit group released improper insult remarks group owners

"and other insulting words, in the wechat circle of friends caused adverse social impact by the local police to suspicion of trouble administrative detention for five days.the head of the police said the main group of yang not to a large number of people to send insulting information constitutes a provocation, according to the provisions of article 26 of the public security administration punishment law, according to the law can be given more than five days to 10 days detention , and may impose a fine of not more than 1,000 yuan.

on the morning of june 27, 2016, some members of qianjiang city violated national laws and regulations and illegally adopted the use of micro-credit petition, unauthorized street parade, gathering petitions, etc., asked the government to stop the introduction of auguste projects, disrupting social and public order, resulting in a very bad social impact.recently, this incident was given party and government disciplines 9, admonish talk 5 people, criticism of education 40 people.which wechat group leader pengmou department of qianjiang city real estate management supervision brigade staff, as the micro-group owners, peng yun on the group members to forward the petition, published improper remarks did not stop, his wife issued a parade video, commented behavior is not stopped and positive guidance, but also to return to inflammatory remarks, constitute a violation of political discipline errors, subject to admonish fact, the reality of another situation is that some people for the industry or interest in the formation of micro-credit group, and micro-credit group is quite a mixed bag, often someone released improper political speech, or the smashing party and the country image of the video and other content, regardless of the total length of this group of chiefs, if the main group is a party member or public officials, the impact is likely to be subject to party discipline.

case 3:micro-group transmission of obscene video group owners

shenyang youth wu with a wechat built a more than 100 micro-credit members ma in the group every day,"there is a large look at the"information, to the group members to receive dozens of yuan membership fee, every day to pay people to send obscene video.wu, the owner of the grounds of ignorance, suspected of constituting the crime of dissemination of obscene articles, the police were legally detained according to law.the judge said that the two high judicial interpretation,"the use of the internet to establish mainly used to disseminate obscene electronic information groups, members of more than 30 people or cause serious consequences, the creators, managers and the main communicator to disseminate obscene items crime conviction".the group as a group of managers, should perform regulatory duties, timely review group related content, to prevent members of the release of obscene video or directly to its removal, and even the dissolution of micro-credit group.if it fails to perform the duties of the chiefs of the group, the laissez-faire vouchers will act as evidences of pornography.this example is often not online online.

network name"uae"identity in the mobile wechat client in the establishment of a micro-credit group, has named"line nine","line pipe","line nine vip game"and so on, and organized more than 40 people to develop rules to red envelopes in the form of gambling activities, from which dividends are drawn.after the court hearing, sentenced the principal dong, guilty of casino, sentenced to two years and six months imprisonment, suspended for three years, and fined 50,000 recent years, there have been many cases of red envelopes gambling in the country were convicted of criminal cases.retrieved by the chinese referee document network found that the guangdong provincial court has so far open about 30 copies of the use of wechat red envelopes for gambling crime referee instruments.

why is the group leader into the back?

the answer lies in the responsibility of the supervisor.

the main difference between the core group and the group member's rights:

the group owner can delete all the groups in the microcrecy group, and the group member can not delete the other group members.

micro-credit owners of the main regulatory responsibilities:

micro-credit group and the core of the core differences, determines the different responsibilities of the main group and the group.the group owner, as the manager of the group and the owner of the power, of course has a supervisory responsibility.the group owner should standardize the group chat behavior and maintain the non-illegal nature of the group chat content.for the illegal content published by the group members, the owner should be warned until the group members kicked out group chat.with the continuous improvement of the law and the continuous improvement of the personal rights and interests of citizens, for the group within the illegal acts or violations of the legitimate rights and interests of others behavior, if the owners do not perform regulatory duties, it is possible to bear legal responsibility.

main group may bear legal responsibility of:

☛ civil liability in time to stop the main group as group members publish content infringe legitimate rights and interests, it is not because there is no fault with the improper release the content of the group members bear civil liability.otherwise, it is possible to bear joint and several liability.

public security penalties for the group members are not enough criminal penalties for illegal content, the main group if you do not perform regulatory duties, it is possible to face a common law and order punishment.criminal responsibility for the group members suspected of committing the crime, if you do not exercise the regulatory duties, laissez-faire criminals, subjectively, may constitute indirect intentions, and thus constitute a common crime with the criminals.the so-called indirect intention is to know that their behavior may occur harm to society results, and intentionally laissez-faire, so that the psychological attitude of such a result.

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