and a shared cycling collapse: the boss run empty a large number of users not refund the deposit

and a Shared cycling collapse: the boss run, empty rooms, a large number of users not refund the deposit

50 days of continuous collapse three Shared cycling

a large number of users not refund deposit, who will pay?

began in 2016, within a year, dozens of Shared cycling startups.The competitive share the bike to run out of colors.

in mid-june, the wu is empty bike, 3 vbike have shut down.Both home founder declared the same, the failure cause of is due to the bike without positioning, damage and loss serious, capital chain rupture.

in early August, and a Shared a bike "fail".However, with the former two collapse Shared cycling is different, the founder Shared cycling lost, empty, a large number of users the deposit could not be found.

first " run " Shared cycling

at the beginning of August, local media reported that town town bike offices (nanjing) were empty.Can see through glass office supplies have been hollowed out, already staff.Park a cleaning personnel referred to as "the company is the day before yesterday night (August 2) empty.

the car is still there, founder and money didn't, many town town bicycle users reflect the deposit has not yet returned to .

and a Shared cycling collapse: the boss run, empty rooms, a large number of users not refund the deposit

town town bike was founded in November 2016, in mid-december, town town bicycle to put 5000 vehicles for the first time in nanjing.When the company announced that in the first half of 2017 to increase in the volume 80000, target nanjing area on the 100000 amount.As empty before the town town bike announced completion on the 10000.

founder ding wei, said his bicycle to incorporate the supercar on shape design elements, to make it more smooth, more portable.In addition, unlike any other bike...

scan code to unlock, deposit of $199 per car, green...

founder shareholders involved in illegal fund-raising

town town bike founder shi jie called after 90, have a passion for sports cars, is SCC supercar club members.

after he experienced the worship in Shanghai bicycle, will share the concept to the bicycle industry's father.Acknowledge his philosophy, his father was and give the biggest support .

and a Shared cycling collapse: the boss run, empty rooms, a large number of users not refund the deposit

nanjing first launched a total of enjoy cycling of enterprise, the local startups, founder after 90, the rich second generation!Ding Weicong entrepreneurship, has become a local celebrity entrepreneurs.

but not for long, the Yangtze evening post reported in early August, as early as march, some netizens also reflect, town town bicycle to refund the deposit arrive tardy account problem.

, sina tech reported on April 28 this year, the town town bikes have been changed by the legal representative for Ding Jinyu, shareholders also for Ding Jinyu, Ding Wanqing by shi jie, Ding Wanqing change.Shi jie, in fact it is Ding Wanqing and Guo Yun shrimp, the son of Ding Wanqing is jiangsu pfeiffer venture capital firm accused person electronic commerce co., LTD.

this change in the legal representative, shi jie big probability to avoid the legal sanction.

of taixing city, jiangsu province people's court hearing announcement of sina science and technology information found after combing, since February of this year, at least 29 involving pfeiffer vc and ding wei, Ding Wanqing, Guo Yun lawsuits in shrimp trial.

business information display, the current pfeiffer venture more branches and Ding Wanqing shi jie, its companies have been listed in business exception list.

car is still there, founder of missing

a large number of users of the deposit didn't also the

at the beginning of this year began to have a large number of users gathered in the town town bike for deposit on weibo!

at that time, the customer will explain.Said in an interview with relevant principals town town bike cycling system error, plus company staff nervous, cause a refund is slow, but the refund has been in progress.And by the...

on April 22, town town bike officer issued last a tweet, and close the comment.

and a Shared cycling collapse: the boss run, empty rooms, a large number of users not refund the deposit

in early August, the two in sina science and technology into the town town bicycle users in the QQ group, the total number of activist five centuries.A representative of activist told sina science and technology, it has been trying to the local industrial and commercial departments, disappear assist and the police for help, but not yet with related department to take over the matter.

the relevant person in charge of jiangsu province consumer association said that given the current enterprise "lost", advised consumers to go legal way to protect their own rights and interests.

a large number of users has lost 199 yuan deposit, although not much, but let a person feel wronged.Normal user can't carry your car to go home.

50 days even pour three!Copycat entrepreneurial hurt yourself

on June 13, 2017, wu empty bike collapse, in chongqing has launched more than 1000 vehicles, fail to financing,

on June 21, 2017, 3 vbike collapse, put 1000 + in hebei, fail to GPS, car is serious;

in early August 2017, the town town bicycle lost founder, on the bike, failure to...(the most afraid of air suddenly quiet)

late last year, the combined worship and ofo: both sides has raised more than $200 million.This year, two super unicorn for promotion.

crazy players in tuyere, most of the market has been the worship, ofo: occupation, the insufficient strength of small players financing, gradually introduced in violent market competition.But, after the bureau still went ahead.

to recharge, bike to the bike hanging umbrella, inclined to bike in paint color...

imaginative entrepreneurs, let elder brother came up with a joke: bond can recharge gold Shared cycling fire!Can hang a umbrella on the bus, get a box can also share a ball...

and a Shared cycling collapse: the boss run, empty rooms, a large number of users not refund the deposit

50 days ago, the first failure of Shared cycling founder had regrets: ofo: and the two almost takes up more than 95% of the resources on market!

he also summed up, not to blindly zhuifeng mouth, after the no use, small company after less than.Tuyere is out.

Shared cycling's founders say failed just as good!Don't you mouth of public welfare, a large amount of the deposit is to take the user to do?

in addition, the city the streets littered with, have already become rusty bike, who will clean up?

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