jingdong formally announced: month date of termination and express everyday forever express cooperation

jingdong formally announced the termination of cooperation with express, everyday forever express decision.

jingdong formally announced: August 21, the termination of cooperation with express, everyday forever express

on August 11, jingdong, give the seller notice said platform on August 21, 2017, terminate the cooperation with express, everyday forever express.Jingdong, said in the notice, the seller send goods by express and forever everyday express logistics information will not be able to dongping stage in Beijing.

jingdong claims, in addition to the daily express, immortal express, jingdong in collaboration with other express company is at present normal, common to sellers and consumers to provide more quality services.

surging news reporter called jingdong customer service telephone, jingdong customer confirmed the news.A jingdong sources told surging news, jingdong's move was "normal business follow up".

on August 11, is su ning logistics independent operation 3 anniversary of the day.On the same day, in the media briefings, group executive vice President of suning logistics Yao Kai released "suning logistics the next 3 years to open commercial strategy", including a group of upgrade infrastructure, the construction of three large commercial retail base aircraft carrier, such as storage area of 10 million square meters of new content.On December 30, 2016, suning cash paid 2.975 billion yuan for every day express 70% stake.

according to sources, the jingdong terminate cooperation with daily express, suning aspects will go legal way to solve the problem.

on July 20, jingdong told those news, in order to ensure that users and merchants in the experience of the use of logistics service, jingdong will from July 31, the suspension of express service every day.

then both shot, still failed to reach a compromise.

on July 24, jingdong recommend delivery notice to the seller, said it is recommended to use a better quality of integrated services jingdong logistics, motion, zhongtong, YunDa, shentong, saying "Courier company service quality, will directly affect your store evaluation, influence consumer shopping experience, and thus affect the growth of you on the platform."Jingdong aspects inform the seller not to cooperate with the above recommended express as soon as possible before the end of July and recommend suitable express a partnership.

25 July at noon, immortal Courier officer said, so far, immortal Courier has not yet received the jingdong for "no businessmen recommend immortal express" within the platform.Immortal Courier, on the other hand, has never received jingdong aspects show any files containing test data.Immortal express has also said that the suspected "shielding", make the seller can not be free to choose the third party delivery service, be disturb the market order, the seller, the rights and interests of consumers will suffer.

as of the time, every day, express, immortal express aspect has not yet been to jingdong termination of cooperation with the move to respond.

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